Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation review

My skin lately was starting to get really bad(I have acne prone skin ), after finishing my Catrice All Matt Plus Foundation, I decided to get something different .A little more expensive and from a brand I knew was good. So I got Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation in the shade 101 Ivory Beige .It was the lightest shade that you could get in the store, I didn’t have the time or patience to look for something other, So I just got this one.Let’s start with what does it claims to do.

The manufacturer promises: A touch-proof formula for a natural skin look that lasts, and lasts, and lasts.

  • A natural skin look that lasts all day
  • The long wear formula contains touch-proof technology (put it to the test now)
  • Great design, same great formula
  • Always looks natural. Never looks greasy and never feels heavy


My Thoughts:

Shade: 2,5/5 stars2.5-out-of-5-stars-rating

I have really pale skin(like ghost white ) and this foundation is more for “normal” people skin, If I have it on (and down to my neck ) you can’t tell that color is wrong, I just look “normal “.It’s slightly lighter in the photos than in reality.


Long Lasting:4/5 stars


It stays on ALL DAY .Just put it on in the morning, powder on top and you are good for the day.

Formula:3,5/5 stars


It’s good if you have oily skin.Doesn’t break me out.Doesn’t make my face extra oily, BUT it does sometimes go on streaky.

My Final Thoughts:


my selfie

If you need something Long Lasting this one is for you .I do enjoy it.Will I repurchase it? No(You can see the color difference in the picture).But it’s overall a good product .

If you have tried this one what did you think of it?Let me know in comments

That’s it from Me 🙂

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