“I ♡ Drugstore Makeup” Tag

The Questions:
1. What is your favorite drugstore makeup brand overall?
2. What are your favorite face, cheek and lip products?
Cheek: Essence Sun Club Matte Bronzeressence
3. Least favorite product?
Don’t have one
4. What is the best makeup bargain?
hmmm… can’t remember
5. What is your favorite underdog product? (Something you love that often gets overlooked?)
essence nail
It’s soooooo gooood!
6. A drugstore product that is overpriced?
Full price 10 euros, that’s just too much
7. Show your best drugstore dupe(s)!!
I have it and I love it.Perfect dupe for Urban Decay Naked Palette.
8. Drugstore product that isn’t worth the hype?
I do like Baby Lips Lipglosses but balms…not so much
Creator of the Tag MakeupByAlli
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2 thoughts on ““I ♡ Drugstore Makeup” Tag

  1. By the way,not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but when i worked at drug store I actually made some people choose something else and not baby lips, because even tho there are even those ‘winter editions” all of them are water based and a lot of people i know have damaged their lips by using baby lips outside in the winter.

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