Vegan Diet for Beginners By Sam Kuma

I’m vegetarian from birth (thanks, mom, and dad)and recently I found out I’m lactose intolerant( “Lucky me”).So I’m getting more and more interested in Vegan lifestyle, and getting a cookbook is the best way(in mine opinion)to just try if this lifestyle is for you. And when I got the opportunity to get my hands on this one I was really excited.

Vegan: Vegan Diet for Beginners: 76 Recipes and 8 Weeks of Diet Plans

Book Description: What can a Vegan diet do for you? Lose weight, lower cholesterol, save the environment; you name it. 
This is a complete beginners’ guide that you will struggle to find on the market. A total of 8 weeks of diet plans focused only on vegan recipes. 
Are you curious about veganism or the vegan lifestyle? Do you want to start taking care of your body and perhaps the planet as well? Do you want to lead a healthier life? Did you simply want to give the vegan diet a try? But you don’t know where to start. You don’t know the kind of foods that you can eat. Then this book would be the perfect choice for you. This book will provide you with a diet plan that is perfect for beginners. 
There are many health benefits of following a vegan diet and its time to reap these benefits. You will lose weight and you will be able to keep it off, you will be eating better and healthier foods, and not just this, but you will also be making a difference in society! You will be doing all this while getting healthier! Isn’t that quite rewarding?

My Thoughts: I loved this cookbook.The recipes were interesting, creative and easy to understand(even if you are new to cooking in general).And some of the recipes were Dairy(big plus for me ), gluten-free, raw.So if you are new to Veganism/vegetarianism this book is perfect for you.Some of my favorite from this cookbook  “Lettuce Wraps”(very easy to make ) “Raw Kale Salad”(my mom’s favorite) and “Creamy Tomato Soup”( because I’m obsessed with tomato soup at this moment ). A little downside, I couldn’t find some ingredients for the recipes in my country and I would love to have pictures of the dishes in the book for reference(I have an ebook, maybe in physical they have them), But overall I think it’s a great cookbook.

My rating:4/5 stars4-stars


You can find it here: Amazon and GoodReads

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