Essence The Lash Curler Mascara review

The manufacturer promises:crazy curl! the lash curler is a new mascara innovation and has a manually rotating brush. unique on the market, the brush can be twisted manually as needed – sometimes more and sometimes less – while you apply your mascara to create extraordinary curl and volume. since the curl mascara is twisted by hand, it doesn’t require batteries. an absolute eye-catcher that’s fun, too! opthalmologically tested.

My Thoughts:

Shade:4/5 stars



Very pigmented black

The Wand:5/5 stars


I love it!The tip is so good or my lashes in inner corners!


The Formula: 4/5


Okay, so it will not give you the crazy fake lash effect, but more natural look.I like it , it’s not clumpy, goes on pretty smoothly.But with all that ”curler thing” it can get messy if you are in hurry.


Overall:4/5 stars


I like it!It’s fun to use.And I like the packaging.Will I repurchase it?Maybe.


Tell me have you tried this mascara?

That’s it from me

Till next time!

FontCandy (11)

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