My Hair Journey !

I always loved to experiment with my hair .I had it long and then very short .Tried lots of washable hair colors, and finally 3 years ago I dyed my hair with a permanent hair dye and never looked back. Today I decided to look back at my hair Journey from my childhood to 2016….Enjoy!

Childhood Photos with my brother and mom.

I was born with blond hair and blue eyes(shocking right?). Through the years it became a little dark, almost reddish light brown. Almost all my childhood my hair was short. Why you ask?My mom told me I had very weird hair texture , and it didn’t look good long .So that’s why short hair.



2010 mati

So 2010..the “emo” years. I cut my hair shoulder-length and used a shampoo that gave a darker shade to my hair.

2011 mati

My hair is longer and I have no eyebrows..because why do you need one?!Right?

So the first photo is from 2012 Summer, my hair is lighter and longer …

The second one is from winter the same year,Hair is darker(I really need to find that cool shampoo) and I’m with Dana from Carpet of thoughts

Ah… 2013..Still, eyebrows are not a thing in my life.How weird does it sound, those pictures are a month in between? If I remember correctly.The second picture was my first time trying a washable black hair dye.

I started 2014 with my still long brown hair, but finished it with purple (first time ever)permanently dyed hair.


2015 mati

The 2015.I rocked some red(more ginger red) hair.I loved it , but after seeing almost every other girl with the same hairstyle, decided I need something new.

I did go back to purple in 2016.The first picture shows my hair after it faded.The second one is after my dear friend Ali (love you ) did my hair .I wanted to try ombre and I did enjoy how my hair turn out .The last picture is from a charity event.My hair is dark brown(but in pictures it always looks black).


My favorite permanent hair dye is PALETTE DELUXE .I just love the color range and it stays on for a long time, doesn’t damage my hair as much.

Looking back at all the hairstyle and colors I had ,I can’t wait experiment some more .Hope you enjoyed reading it(and looking at Baby Anna ).

Tell me in Comments.What is your biggest hair mistake?

That’s it from me

Till next time! 

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4 thoughts on “My Hair Journey !

  1. Owwww omg just one thing I can say , you have something special and you look amazing Since you were a little girl so don’t stop and be strong remember you can get great things . 👽👍🏽

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