December Recap and 300 followers!

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Hello World!Finally, all the Christmas and New year celebration are over for me(My family celebrate two Christmas eves, one by the new style on 24th December and other on the 7th January by the old style ).All the Christmas food is gone,so finally, I can sit down and write all the cool stuff that I did last month!But First I want to thank you for 300 followers!!!!!!!!!I just can’t believe it!Thank you so much !!!!It’s so amazing to know that someone is reading all the blabbering I write, feeling blessed…tenor (1)


What did I do in December?

BeFunky CollageMy December was…busy. It all started with Ukrainian students coming (on the 6th of December)here from Ternopol economical University for a learning trip that our organization hosted. How

Me looking all tired and cold at the Christmas Fair!

always I was the one going around with them and being the “unofficial” translator.One of the coolest meetings we had was with Meeting with the Minister of Justice of Latvia Dzintars Rasnach.

Another big thing was the dance studios ‘Tornado” from Kharkiv, Ukraine concert at the main Christmas fair in Riga, also hosted by us(So you can guess how much work I had)

Yummy food at the Tallin bus station

After it, we did go to Tallin(Estonia) and after that to Helsinki(Finland) with the dance studio and was back on the Christmas Eve Day. I was so surprised how warm it was like it should be that warm around here in December.



Of course, at the end of the month, we did gift exchange with my Lovely girls Alina and Agness

That’s basically it what I had going on last month.Hope you all had a great December and have eaten lots of yummy food for weeks to come.

Tell me in the comments, What was the coolest thing you did last December?

That’s it from me

Till next time

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6 thoughts on “December Recap and 300 followers!

  1. Congrats on the 300 followers and I love your new haircut. Before I got sick, hanging out with an old friend in Boston and going to a Boston Bruins hockey game like we used to back in the 1990s was my best memory in December . I always feel happy when I go back to Boston .

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