Douglas Home Spa “Beauty Of Hawaii” set first impressions!

LeoHello Everyone!Hope you are having a great week so far! First of all, I want to congratulate all woman on the International woman’s day(Keep being amazing!). So today I want to talk about Douglas Home Spa “Beauty Of Hawaii” set and my first impressions trying it. I did buy it for 19.99 euro(pretty great price for such set).

The packaging 

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5 stars

I love how it looks!It’s a very big box with a cute bow!

Let’s start with opening the box…


Taking off the cute bow and Opening the box you can see 4 products. Very nicely packaged. All from the Douglas Home spa line.



5 stars 

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1. Beauty of Hawaii Sensual Shower Foam 

2.Beauty of Hawaii Silky Body Cream 

3.Beauty of Hawaii Sea Salt & Sugar Scrub

4.Beauty of Hawaii Moisturising Hand Cream

I have tried (or owned) almost all of those products, so I knew that this set would be great and smell amazing(and God it does!), the only one new to me was the Sea Salt & Sugar Scrub.And after trying it for few weeks I can say I really like it!





It’s a pretty good set!I love how it looks and smells. The price was great (In the past I got just the shower foam for 10 euros)so 19.95(now they have 20% off, so it’s even cheaper)is perfect for 4 items. Great set for your Home Spa days!Would definitely recommend.

Tell me in the comments, How you tried anything from Douglas?Did you like it?

That’s it from me 

Till next time 

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