Finally… I got a Vacation! (aka my non-work trip to Sweden)

On the Bus to Sigtuna!

Hello my darlings, how are you today? Hope you had fun this weekend, it was Midsummer celebration here in Latvia called Līgo/Jāņi, but I sadly slept thru it, because I just got from Sweden. I finally got a Vacation!!! And my friend Alina is

Alina’s lottery prize!

graduating, so we(me, Alina and my mom)did go on a cruise Riga-Stockholm -Riga on the ship Tallink ”Isabella”.On the first night there I had the worst headache ever and Alina won in the lottery(on the ship)! We did sleep a lot and had deep talks and catching up with each other.


Midsummer Celebration!

It was a 3-day trip and this time we did have an excursion to a city called Sigtuna(because we all have seen Stockholm like thousand times and will see it in the future too). And I really liked it there, it was very quiet and we did see the Midsummer celebration. I can say you one thing, it was

St. Olof Church ruins

exceptionally weird to go to Sweden and not have the usually stressed atmosphere around us because of work (we joked about that every a lot I think). I genuinely enjoyed the trip and spending time with my mom and my best friend.




Some Random Pictures from the trip!



Tell me in the comments, How is your summer going?

That’s it from me

Till next time

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11 thoughts on “Finally… I got a Vacation! (aka my non-work trip to Sweden)

  1. Nice that you got to go on vacation . So far summer has been good. Just got back from Las Vegas and God willing , there are trips to Atlantic City and Baltimore coming up ahead with of course things to do in the New York and New Jersey area as well. Happy travels and hope the summer goes well for you with more trips down the road .

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  2. Cool. Having a proper vacation from time to time is always nice. Over here in L.A. im trying to take advantage of the nice sunny weather by heading to the beach with family and friends as much as possible. 🙂 So much one can explore in Venice Beach.

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  3. Wow, this looks pretty fantastic. I have always wanted to go on a cruise trip and this sounds like a further nudge in that direction 🙂

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