5 things I love about being a “blogger”!

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kbsI have a blog, I write in it. Does it make me a blogger? Technically yes, do I fell like a “blogger”?Sometimes not, but I’m still a part of this amazing community and today we are celebrating the 100th BLOG POST!!! Another big milestone I’m excited about.  Isn’t it crazy, I can’t believe we are already here. Today I want to talk about the things I love being a blogger. Let’s start with that!

1.The Blogging Community

BLOGGERS ARE THE NICEST PEOPLE ON EARTH! I’m seriously blown away how welcoming and sweet all the blogging community is. And I’m glad I’m apart of it.

giphy (15)

2. It teaches me new skills 

Blogging requires skills, a lot of them actually. I never knew how much really goes into one blog post before I started blogging myself, so logically I have learned a lot of new skills down the road.


3. My writing has improved dramatically!

I know my writing still isn’t the best (English is my 5th language), but I can see the improvement in my writing style and grammar every day because of blogging. And I’m so thankful for it! giphy (17)

4. Blogging brings happiness (AND FUN)

Blogging is fun! Just writing and sharing stuff with the world and getting a feedback makes me happy and coming up with new ideas for a blog post is exciting and fun!

giphy (18)

5. I became more confident 

Blogging is amazing for your self-esteem! I became more confident in my writing and the way I share my life with the world. It’s amazing how something so small makes such a big difference in the way you feel.



Tell me in the comments, What is the main thing you love about being a Blogger?

That’s it from me

Till next time

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10 thoughts on “5 things I love about being a “blogger”!

  1. Congrats on your 100th post! I think you nailed it with saying the blogging community is one of the best things about blogging- everyone is so supportive! I also love the growth of writing skills. I think you are doing an awesome job, and am super impressed about English being your 5th language! Keep up the good work Anna!

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      1. That’s a really good question and I don’t even know how to answer it …I would say everyone that I have interacted with are really kind , accepting and welcoming (at least that’s how I felt) ❤💚

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