August Favorites!(the 2018 edition)

Photo by Jess Watters on Unsplash

Nana_heartHello my darlings! How are you all doing? Hope last month was amazing for you . I can’t believe how fast time goes and it’s already September !September?!Just Crazy!But that means it’s time for my August Favorites. Let’s start !



Payot Mousse Micellaire Nettoyante

This is a creamy moisturizing foam with raspberry extracts and it’s amazing!I’m obsessed with it ,it’s so good for my skin and my acne . I do see a big difference in how my skin looks and feels. Will definitely get another one when my current one will run out .

Favorite tea this month

I’ve been drinking this non-stop last month and it’s very yummy. If you haven’t tried I definitely recommend you do .


Loyd tea Rooibos with orange and Cinnamon

FAVORITE SONG this month

This song really grew on me this past month. It’s so catchy,love this Seungri comeback !




MasterChef Ukraine is a Ukrainian competitive reality television cooking show based on the revival USA version of MasterChef

Tell me in the comments, What was your favorite TV Show this August?

That’s it from me

Till next time 

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4 thoughts on “August Favorites!(the 2018 edition)

    1. Omg yes,It’s still hard to believe it’s already the start of autumn… Simply crazy ! The weirdest part it’s still pretty warm here in Latvia too ,that’s very unusual. And yes,I have some work related travel plans this month and next month too , can’t wait to share it . What are your plans this fall ?


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