Book review: Broken by Crystal Kaswell (Spoiler Free)

giphy-downsized (1)Have you ever forgot something you did? Well, I apparently am very forgetful. Some time ago I did sign up for Crystal Kaswell ARC team. Didn’t know I was approved, but a week ago I got an email with the new book called Broken. It was a big (but very exciting) surprise. Let’s start with my spoiler-free review!

About the book :
I lost her once. I won't lose her again.

After my brother's death, I was drowning.
She was my life raft.
Delilah and I were opposites, the outspoken art student and the brooding athlete. She was passionate where I was apathetic, bright where I was dark, soft where I was hard.
For two years, we had everything. The kind of love that only exists in fairy tales.
Then she left and took my heart with her.
I tried to heal. To throw myself into medical school. To forget her.
I thought I did.
Until today.
Those blue eyes, that sweet smile, the soft curves--that's my Delilah.
As soon as I hear her laugh, I know.
She's what's missing from my life.

I have three days to get her back.
God, I hope I'm as charming as I used to be.

From the author: Broken is a standalone second chance romance full of heat, heart, and heartbreak. Come see why readers say "Crystal Kaswell is the master of writing sharp, wounded characters who keep you on your toes."
My thoughts!

From the first pages you can feel the love our main characters Delilah and Trent have for each other. It’s pretty rear for me to be so invested in a book relationship, but I was invested in this one….all the way! It was beautiful to see them reconnect again. I loved the writing style, it was a dual POV and it worked amazingly with this story. It does moves from Past and Present, I don’t like that usually but it did add so much to the story. Yes, there were some things that I didn’t like, it dragged a little bit in the middle, but it wasn’t critical. It was a very dark fairytale kind of story and I enjoyed it.

TRIGGER WARNING- It does touch on the subject of suicide.

I will give it

3,5/5 stars 



It wasn’t perfect but I did love our couple and writing style!

Tell me in the comments, What is the last romance book you have read?

That’s it from me 

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** I received an Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for honest review**