September Favorites! (the 2018 Edition)


ff011779f27d01fba508c2bf2c45912fHello, my darlings! It’s the time of hot tea, windy weather and lots of layers…October is here!!! And that means is the time for September Favorites. This September was a rollercoaster for me, I had plans to travel but it sadly didn’t happen. After that, I had a birthday(I’m now 23 years old!), but sadly everyone was busy so no official celebration happened and after that……I got sick, and still am(that’s why I wasn’t posting as much as I would like too)

But now let’s start with the fun part…September Favorites!

Beauty Favorites

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essence #Insta perfect Liquid make up 

I adore this foundation! I love the finish, how well it looks on my face and surprise it’s the perfect color match for me. I did a first impression on this one(you can read it here )definitely check it out!

Skincare Favorites

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Concentrate with tea tree oil and zinc
express anti-acne remedy by Belkosmex

This does wonder for acne prone skin! Like I’m not kidding, my skin got so much better after using this one. Definitely will buy more!

Favorite Tea


Loyd Warming tea with Spicy ginger, Lemon and Honey 

Because I am sick right now, this tea is perfect . It has ginger in it and you can feel it very well in your tea. Perfect tea if you have a cold!

Favorite Song

Tell me in the comments, How was your September?

That’s it from me

Till next time

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