I’m doing Blogmas This year!… wish me luck

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tumblr_pc6bcqr71A1r2pp2to1_400Hello, My darlings! How are you doing on this beautiful day? How was your November? Mine was pretty good, I’m already really excited for the Holiday season(already singing and listening to Christmas Songs). And it’s snowing in Latvia! Everything looks so magical, like in a Christmas movie or story. This year I decided it would be fun to do Blogmas, If you don’t know what is Blogmas(Or Vlogmas for Youtube Vloggers ) it’s a “challenge ” to post a blog post a day from the 1 of December till Christmas eve or the end of December. So from the 1. December till 24. December you will get a post a day from me (Mostly Holiday Related, be ready!). Wish me luck, because I will need it!


Tell me in the comments, Are you doing Blogmas? 

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See you tomorrow!

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Hello, world! Today I want to talk about something important. If you didn’t know the European Parliament are in the process of voting for article 13, that will change the internet as we know it.

So what is Article 13? (Because I’m very bad at explaining stuff in English  ,here you have some good educational videos )



What can we do about it? First of all talk about it, bring community awareness about Article 13 and why it’s a problem using the hashtag #SaveYourInternet . Second ,I did find a petition on change.org that you can sign here !

That’s it from me

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giphy (50)Hello, my darlings! How are you all doing? I’m back with First Impressions of charcoal soap by a Latvian brand “MADARA”. My darling mom got a big order from madaracosmetics , they had a 40% sale, and for me, she got this soap(they are geared towards dry or older skin, but they do have a range for oily skin). So here are my first impressions!

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All the goodies we got!


About the product :

Processed with VSCO with  presetIntensely purifying and nourishing detox soap with activated charcoal and natural orris-pine fragrance.

The amazing purifying power of charcoal draws out toxins and impurities to deeply, yet gently, cleanse your skin. Mysterious notes of orris and pine feel like a revitalizing swim in an unspoilt forest lake.

Based on natural coconut oil. Sulfate, palm, and microplastic free. 100% biodegradable.


Processed with VSCO with  presetFirst, I love the packaging. It’s simple and classic. I love the font and it’s made from recycled materials. When I opened it up,  there was this amazing smell. I love how it smells!I did try it on my face and body (especially my back where I have oily and acne prone skin) and I feel like it’s better for your body than face. It does do the job ,as in cleans your skin and get’s rid of the oily feeling. But I wasn’t blown away (as a face product for me, if you have oily skin with dry patches you will love it), but…I loved it as a body one.My first impressions are pretty good  !I did like it.


If you are interested to check it out click here

Tell me in the comments, How you tried a Charcoal soap? Did you like it?

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October Favorites!(The 2018 edition)

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Me when looking at the calendar!

Hello, my darlings! How are you all doing? Can you believe it’s already almost the end of 2018?! I’m a little bit shocked…How was your October? I worked,  was in Sweden and had a Sabrina marathon on the Halloween night …Basically, I had a great (but very draining) October. Let’s jump right into it!



Beauty Favorites


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Like last month this is still my favorite! I already got two more of those. So you can say I’m obsessed!

 Favorite Tea


Earl Grey  by ApsarA

Black flavoured tea „Earl Grey”
Ingredients: blend of black teas from Ceylon and China with flavour of bergamot.
Color: Golden amber-brown.
Taste: smooth, with a delicate hint of bergamot.


Favorite Tv show

This was so good! Much darker then I anticipated (lots of blood ). Disclaimer -I have never seen Riverdale, so I can’t comment on any “easter eggs” or how much it’s like (or isn’t like) Riverdale. But overall I loved it !


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

As her 16th birthday nears, Sabrina must choose between the witch world of her family and the human world of her friends. Based on the Archie comic.

Favorite Song


Tell me in the comments, What did you enjoy this October? Do you have any new favorites?

That’s it from me 

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