Festive nail ideas-Blogmas Day 7

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash


Welcome back, my darlings! It’s the 7 day of Blogmas (and 13 days till Christmas)are you excited? Because I am! Today I want to talk about my favorite festive trend…Festive nails! Nothing puts me in a festive mood like fun nails. Here I put together my favorite (and easy)nail designs that you can easily recreate .

Let’s start!


Snowman nails – Nothing screams more like winter than Snowman!I love how easy is to do it yourself, even if you are a total newbie(Me!) in all this nail art thing. And doesn’t it look adorable?! Just goals!

Snowflake nails – If you want something “not in your face festive”, this mind be for you! Snowflakes are another classical winter symbol, and you can easily draw it yourself.


Santa and  Reindeer Nails -This is more for someone who wants everyone to know that it’s Christmas season! Those super cute nails are a must if you are obsessed with anything and everything Christmas(and they will look amazing with any outfit) !


Christmas tree nails – This one is for like an accent nail (or do all your nails like that, no judging here! You do you Boo!). I think they all are pretty easy to recreate, but my favorite is the first one ! I love how it looks.


Tell me in the comments, Do you like festive nails? And what was your favorite nail design?

That’s it from me 

Till next time

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