*Beauty Glazed Pressed Glitter” palette mini review*-Blogmas day 13

tumblr_mwflrpDTgY1shbg4mo1_500Hello and Welcome back! It’s Blogmas day 13! There are just 11 days left till Christmas and 18 days till New year …Isn’t it crazy?! Can’t imagine we are already at end of the year. Slowly I’m thinking about my Christmas Eve outfit, makeup specifically. And for that purpose, I got myself this fabulous palette. So let’s start with the review!

My Thoughts:

Packaging and Shipping 

4/5 stars 

1280px-4_stars.svg (1)

Love the packaging, it’s glittery and shiny. I appreciate how there are ingredient lists on the back of it, with expiration dates and all that good stuff. Shipping was fast, around 20 days till Latvia.

The Formula: 

5/5 Stars 




It’s good! It’s a little bit sticky so you don’t need anything extra to put it on your face.


5/5 stars



I love those colors! I feel like you can make lots of interesting looks with them. That light pink is my favorite .

Overall I really like this !And would definitely recommend for you to try it !

Official website you can find here

Tell me in the comments, Have you ever tried pressed glitters?

That’s it from me 

Till next time 

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