“Christmas Tree Reveal”-Blogmas day 17

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

giphy (60)Hello, My darlings! How are you all doing? It’s snowing in Latvia finally! Can’t wait to do all the fun winter stuff this week(I have so much in mind!)

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Yesterday was the third advent and it’s just seven days until Christmas, we finally put up our Christmas Tree! This year it’s fake.I and my mom decorated the tree this year. I think it turned out very cute and homey.KODAK Digital Still CameraWe listened to some Christmas playlists and made plans for Christmas Eve. This year I feel the Christmas spirit strongly and am enjoying all the little stuff that you can do in the Holiday season!I’m sorry for the bad photos,got a new camera as an early Christmas gift and still are figuring things out (with all the settings and other things) So be ready to see much more high-quality pictures in the future(I’m still dreaming of getting some photo skills like almost every blogger out there )

Tell me in the comments, This year you have a real or fake tree?

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