New Year Resolution(2019 edition)

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cd6f8d04b7d0e05f2d2b8ee5457cc4eeHello, my darlings!First of all Happy New Year to you! And I want to thank everyone who supported my blog(following, liking, and simple reading) in 2018, It was my best blogging year by far! I couldn’t do it without you. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Last year I did a similar post and thought it would be amazing to do one this year too. Let’s start with the resolutions for 2019!



  • Start to learn Spanish

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Learning something new is always amazing and can help you grow as a human being. This year I want to learn a language, Spanish to be exact. I have tried to learn it in the past, but I wasn’t committed to it, This year I will try to do the best I can . If you have any good resources to learn Spanish, write them in the comments.

  • Get better at taking pictures

I got a digital camera for Christmas this year and can tell you I’m awful at taking pictures (If you are following/reading my blog for some time, you saw some of my “attempts “). This year I want to get better! That means lots of practicing and experimenting (get ready ).

tenor (14) 

  • Be more active on my blog/Post almost daily

Last year doing Blogmas I had so much fun coming up with new ideas and staying up late to have a blog post up for next day . I enjoyed it! More than I have ever thought I would. And this year I want to do it more (more blogging ).

giphy (64)


Tell me in the comments, What’s your New Years resolution?

That’s it from me 

Till next time

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