Come Undone: A Love Triangle by Crystal Kaswell-Review

LR0QHello, my darlings! How are you all doing? Today I want to talk about a new book by Crystal Kaswell. I’m a part of Crystal’s ARC team(still don’t know how I got in),and they send me an ARC copy for review. This time it was “Come Undone”, a love triangle story. So let’s dive right into it!


About the book:

Her fiance doesn’t want her anymore. Her new neighbor would do anything to have her.

From the outside, Alyssa has the perfect life. Beautiful apartment. Handsome high school sweetheart. Impending wedding.

Only her fiance doesn’t love her anymore. He disappears into work, leaving her alone with her emptiness.

Until Luke. The brooding lawyer needs a beautiful distraction. Soft lips against his chest, hard nails against his back, Alyssa groaning his name.

He doesn’t care that she belongs to someone else. He’s going to claim her anyway.

My Thoughts :

4/5 stars 

1280px-4_stars.svg (1)

It was very different than I expected. First of all, I love the book cover. The story was written in much darker tones and I don’t always like it(you need to be in the “mood to read stuff like that), but this was written so well.I enjoyed the story and how things were unfolding. Alyssa’s life and love life is worth reading.If you like not sugar-coated stories, but raw and real ones then you will love this one!

Disclaimer-It does talks about toxic relationship and an eating disorder.If you are triggered by things like this, better skip this one. And it has sexy times, just so you know.

I received an advanced copy of this manuscript and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

You can find this book on Amazon.

Tell me in the comments, What was the last book you read?

That’s it from me

Till next time 

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