Douglas “Volume Obsession Volumising Mascara”-review

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20190106_142756_357Hello, my darlings! How are you all doing? It’s such a beautiful day outside today, it’s snowing! Ahh, I love snow. So today I want to talk about a new mascara I’m trying it out for a month and I can say …it’s amazing. Let’s dive right into it.


82349c0831fd995dec23a0fa1849e3dbLow price and big volume – such promise of eyelash mascara Volume Obsession for you! Tufted Volume Obsession increases the volume of eyelashes, but does not clump and make clumps. The wand is cylindrical with a pointed tip to reach the corners of the eye and multiply the inner lashes. The correct amount of mascara falls on the eyelashes. Mascara applied with mild bristles penetrates the hair and evenly distributes the product. Tush Volume Obsession has 3 colors: black, brown and blue to satisfy every need and desire.



4/5 stars

1280px-4_stars.svg (1)

It’s pretty classical, but with a twist. I like how visually the mascara looks. (I have it in the color black)

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The wand and Formula

5/5 stars


The want is amazing! It coats every eyelash and it’s easy to build up . And the most important thing…NO CLUMPS OR SPIDERLEGS! It’s amazing and long lasting.

KODAK Digital Still Camera


5/5 stars 


I’m very happy with it. The price is good and I would say even affordable. The quality is great, I’m happy with it and will definitely try more mascaras from the Douglas brand.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Tell me in the comments, What’s your favorite mascara?

That’s it from me 

Till next time

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