Bourjois Rouge Edition Souffle de Velvet Liquid Lipstick-First Impressions

Hello, My Darlings!I’m back with a first impression post . I got those two Lipsticks on a very good discount and I have never tried any Bourjois Products, so I thought why not to get it??? Now let’s dive into my thoughts!

About the product :Swipe on Rouge Edition Souffle de Velvet: a veil of fresh-toned matte colour that holds on tight for up to 10 hours. The extremely smooth; comfortable formula hydrates whilst endowing your pout with a beguiling “”tinted lips”” effect. When you want the semi-transparency of a balm with the long-lasting wear of a matte finish; Rouge Edition Souffle de Velvet from Bourjois gives you both; in a light-as-air; velvety wash of colour. The cushioned flocked applicator delivers just the right dose of silky-textured Rouge Edition Souffle de Velvet.

748905951.g_0-w_g (1)Key features and benefits:
– Silky smooth texture that glides on effortlessly
– Long-wearing formula delivers non-drying, and matte colour
– Cushioned tip applicator wand allows mistake-free application
– Lips are left super soft, sumptuous and hydrated for up to 10 hours
– Smudge it with fingers to get the bitten lips effect

You can find this lipstick for a good price here


My Thoughts:

I got two of those , in the color 02 Coquelic’Oh! and 06 Cherry Leaders. In pictures, they look very similar, but in life 02 Coquelic’Oh! is more an orangy red than 06 Cherry Leaders. The packaging is from a sturdy, high-quality matt plastic. I really like how it looks and feels in my arm.

When I opened it up,I found the smell interesting…the scent is a very light fruity smell. The tip of the applicator is stiff, perfect for this kind of product. The product is like this smooth jelly(yes, I know it sounds weird, but it’s seriously how it feels ), basically the idea of this lipstick is a hydrating lip tint and you can clearly see it in the formula.


It’s sad to say but it’s patchy…like a lot(I have tried both of those for a full 8h, but just once each),  and because of the formula it doesn’t stay put on the lips but it moves .I literally applied it for 5 minutes straight to get it even and it’s such a shame. I do think this formula would be perfect for a tinted blush, I did try it that way and it worked much better than as a lipstick . As for the “Becoming matt” thing, I would say it does dry down a bit, but it’s definitely not a matt finish at all.



Would I recommend? Just on a huge discount yes, but from my first experience? No,I don’t feel like it works and that’s a shame.

Tell me in the comment, Have you tried this Lipstick?

That’s it from me

Till next time

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