Himalaya “Fresh Start Oil Clear Strawberry “Face Wash review


Hello, My Darlings! How are you all doing? Hope the summer is going good for you.

Here I will have a little rant, so if you are not interested totally go ahead and scroll down to the review! So the past week I put up a blog post called “May’s Favorites” all was good for a few days(people where liking and I did check it out few times and it was okay), but after that, I opened up to check it out and I see that it’s blank…..and there are just 2 photos no text or anything….and it was not posted ?!All the text just disappeared..I was so disappointed because writing something and putting your time in it and then it just randomly disappearing, without any logical explanation is hard. Have you ever had this kind of a problem? I have come to terms with it now of course and in the future will definitely make copies of any posts I will ever write, just sucks to lose perfectly good post that’s all. Okay, that’s the end of the rant . Thanks for reading and now let’s dive into the review!

About the Product


  • 41tCXpZV8kL
  • Strawberry is known to possess skin-conditioning properties, strawberry helps enhance the appearance of facial skin and restore suppleness
  • Fresh start oil clear strawberry face wash is specially formulated with the scintillating goodness of strawberry
  • It gives you oil-free freshness throughout the day and makes your face soft, healthy and fresh


My thoughts 



4/5 stars



Being very truthful packaging was the selling point for me . It’s so summery and cheerful, right?! So seeing that it was just 2 euros in my local grocery store I got it. It’s a plastic semi-transparent tube where you can see the product, and I appreciate it. The only downside the tube started leaking after opening.

Texture and Quality

4/5 stars 



The beads are small and not a lot of them are in there, and I prefer it that way. It’s not harsh on the skin, doesn’t leaves your skin feeling dry after using. Has a nice light strawberry smell. I do use it for my acne on my back, and it works much better for the body in my opinion(that’s what I saw after 2 weeks of using)



Great smell

Light Scent


Cute packaging


Microbeads are bad for the environment

 The tube started leaking after opening

4/5 stars 




Tell me in the comments, How is your summer going?  

That’s it from me

Till Next time

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4 thoughts on “Himalaya “Fresh Start Oil Clear Strawberry “Face Wash review

  1. Oh nooo! My posts have never deleted after I published them but I have lost an entire draft before. It’s so heartbreaking!

    Love the big strawberry on the packaging & the gel is such a pretty color. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes,I have lost some drafts too,it’s is heartbreaking ,hope it was just a glitch🤔

      And can’t agree more ,the packaging is really cute .💞💕Thank you for reading💞💕

      Liked by 1 person

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