Beauty Products I Liked, Hated and Didn’t care about.Pt1

Photo by Anastasia Dulgier on Unsplash

Hello, my Darlings! How are you all doing? Today I want to talk about some products I have tried in the last month. Almost all of them I have tried more than once, so I could really give my honest opinions . This is the first part out of two, didn’t want to make this post super long or do you prefer longer posts, let me know down in the comments. So let’s dive in!



1.GlissKur Purify and Protect Shampoo

I really liked it, the packaging is cute. My hair feels healthy and clean after using. I was a little bit scared it would strip my hair color(I color my hair regularly in darker color then my hair is) but it didn’t do it. It doesn’t have any artificial color or parabens in it and that’s amazing!

Would I Repurchase it ?- Yes, definitely

Was It affordable? -Yes, it was a little under 2 euros.

About the Product: Developed to meet the needs of environmentally damaged hair, the ultra-light PURIFY & PROTECT line of products incorporates MORINGA MAG EXTRACT into the hair and provides a lightweight protective net against harmful external effects.

2.Fito Cosmetic Anti-dandruff Concentrated Shampoo

It made my scalp ichy, maybe I had an allergic reaction, really don’t know but it was awful. Not happy with this Shampoo.

Would I Repurchase it ?- No

Was It affordable?- Yes

About the Product: With juniper oil and sage. Anti Dandruff. For all hair types. Birch tar and decoction of juniper and sage – this is a great old folk recipe to quickly strengthen the hair and prevent dandruff.

3. Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash

This is amazing! The best body wash for shaving(no joke). I love the scent and it makes my skin silky without feeling oily . Love it!

Would I Repurchase it ?-Yes

Was It affordable?- Yes, around 2 euros

About the Product: This moisturizing body wash combines NutriumMoisture™ with mild cleansers to help your skin retain its natural moisture, leaving you with softer, smoother skin after just one shower. The caring formula in this Dove body wash helps maintain your skin’s moisture barrier while delivering natural skin nourishment that goes deep into the surface layers of your skin. It creates a rich lather that replenishes your skin’s nutrients while also leaving it feeling cared for and clean.


Ohhh…I hate this with a passion. Let me explain, so I bleached my hair (high light style)because I wanted to strip my hair off the dark brown I had at the time. And sections of my hair was light brown. I saw this hair color and decided to try it out for a week or two, and it was perfect because at the time I wanted to make my hair even lighter in the future, so I couldn’t dye my hair with anything permanent. So I did everything as the instruction said, and my hair did had a beautiful turquoise tone, but after touching it my whole hand was turquoise . I thought it was just my mistake and I didn’t wash it out properly.And you know how long it stayed on my hair? For 2 day! After one wash it was out…..Guys I had better results from much cheaper stuff, So disappointing.

Would I Repurchase it ?-No

Was It affordable?– I got it for 6 euros (it was on a discount ), and it isn’t worth that money

About the Product:L’Oréal Paris Colorista Washout Turquoise fades gradually over 1-2 weeks so you can switch and change your hair colour whenever you want.
Based on Chroma-Cream technology in a conditioning hair-mask base, it softly colours your hair while caring at the same time.
Colorista Washout Turquoise washes out gradually, shampoo after shampoo.


Tell me in the comments, Have you tried any of those products? Did you like it?

That’s it from me?

Till Next time

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