Blogging for 3 Years -What have I learned

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Hello, My Darlings or Hey if you are new here!I’m Anna a beauty and lifestyle blogger from Latvia. How are you all doing? So if you didn’t know I started my blog in 2017, 3 years ago now. I have learned a lot at this time, and being a part of the blogging community did change my life in many ways. Let’s talk about some of those things I learned!


 Scheduling posts is a MUST

Feeling Inspired? Amazing…write until you drop and then schedule. Yes, I know sounds wild, but this is the way it works for me. If you don’t know WordPress has an amazing feature called Post Scheduling. Basically, you write when you can and/or feel inspired and then schedule for, let’s say next week and it will post it for you. This feature is one of my favorites and so important for me.


Planning, Planning and again Planning 

This is self-explanatory, we all have lives outside of Blogging (Family, Job, Friends, etc) so planning not only your posts but the time when you can write is important. I always write down 20 ideas what I want to write in the month, and then when I have time (and inspiration) I take one of those ideas and go with it. It does make my life a little bit easier.


Visual media is a great way to add on a story 

I know some people who don’t like to put lot’s of visual media in they’re posts and that’s totally cool. But for me…I love to put as much Gif’s as I can.Gif’s, videos,photos….those things can add SOOOO much to the story!

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Creepy stories help me write!

This one was such a random thing I learned about myself. I’m one of those people that need white noise,  It helps me to get in the “writing zone”.But creepy stories?! That was something new.

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Photos….learn to take them!

This was something I did know I need to learn, but I didn’t know how important it really was! Photos can make your post or break it, and you don’t get it before actually seeing it. So I’m trying to do my best and put up good quality content with beautiful photos.

giphy (9).gif

Tell me in the comments, My fellow Bloggers -How did your life change when you started blogging?

That’s it from me

Till next time 

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7 thoughts on “Blogging for 3 Years -What have I learned

  1. Hmm, never occured to me to schedule when inspired! That would have totally help me keep a consistent flow! And I agree with everything, it is so important to plan. If you want to write a weekly blog you gotta start collating since a week ago not just an impromptu sitdown! And pictures make a post so much more palettable too! HAHAHA the creepy stories one is an interesting twist! Where do you read them?

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