Fairy Godmother Gone Bad by Sadie Carter(book review)-Blogtober day 23

Fairy Godmother Gone Bad

By Sadie Carter


About the book: She should be good. But being bad was way more fun.

Esme did one bad thing and suddenly she finds herself banished from fairyland, her powers stripped, sentenced to thirty years on the most boring realm in fairyland. All right, so maybe calling Cinderella a stuck-up cow and taking the king’s Porsche on a joy ride wasn’t her finest moment, but surely that didn’t deserve banishment, right?

But the fairy council didn’t see it that way. She’s been banished. With no freedom in sight.

Until the fairy council needs help. They need someone clever, someone, with excellent glamour…someone expendable if it all goes bad.

They need Esme.

Only they’re not stupid enough to send her in on her own. They send her in with the man she blames for everything.


Oh well, you know what they say about partners. If you can’t work with them, you find some way of making their deaths look like a tragic, tragic accident.

Hmm, suddenly this job doesn’t seem so bad.



The story– 5/5

Setting of the book– 3/5

Main Hero– 4/5

Smexy Times?– Some

Overall – 4/5 stars 

Trigger warning -mention of suicide 

Ohh I love books like this! A really fast and interesting read. I really liked Esme, she was such a funny and spunky character and Antonio was such a loveable control freak. The only thing I wanted more…Like we didn’t get to see Esme”s childhood (those snippets that we got to see, wasn’t enough for me)and Antonio backstory we didn’t get to see at all. But overall it’s a good book, well written, I just wanted more!


Favorite Quotes from the Book 

All twenty-seven bridesmaids—and really, who had twenty-seven friends close enough to be bridesmaids?

She thought marrying a prince would bring her happiness. It wouldn’t. But that wasn’t Esme’s concern.
Why her? She is going to bring trouble and chaos to our well-ordered life.
I know. Won’t it be fun?
“Yeah, well, she’s my new sidekick. All kickass crime fighters need a sidekick, right? Betsy can be mine.”
“She’s. A. Cow.”
“So, are we ever going to talk about the elephant in the room?”
“I do not know who taught you about animals, but that is not an elephant. It is a cow. And it cannot stay here,” he replied,
He couldn’t have shocked her more if he’d told her that he kept a pet dinosaur called Tiny in his basement.


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