Best sleeping remedies for you to try – Blogtober day 24

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Hello, My Darlings! How are you all doing? I hope this week is going amazing for you. Today I want to talk about sleep! Are you sleeping well lately? If not, there are some “remedies” to try. Let’s dive into it!




Chamomile Tea

There are lots of health benefits of Chamomile Tea(Treating cold symptoms, Reducing menstrual pain, Reducing inflammation etc)and one of them is helping you to relax and sleep peacefully. Try to drink a cup 20 minutes before going to bed and see yourself it works. (definitely check if you have allergies before using it)rBVaGVoGGMmANLM2AAI9ezWCvAc278

Sleeping mask

Any light source can wake you up? Why not try a sleeping mask! This has changed my sleep quality for the better, never knew such a little thing can change so much. I would totally recommend you to try a sleeping mask.


Pillow Mist

This is something I’m using a lot recently, right now I’m trying the Avon one, but any pillow mist would work. Just one “mist” on the pillow and the Lavanda with chamomile slowly relaxes you.


Take a bath

What’s better than getting a long soak before bed?! Nothing! So get your favorite bath bomb, relaxing music, and scented candles. For the best results, take your bath 1 or 2 hours before sleep.

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