“Us,Again” by Elle Maxwell – Spoiler Free review

Us, Again

by Elle Maxwell

47952877._SY475_About the book: It’s really him. The former love of my life. The man I gave everything to, who broke me so badly the pieces never healed back together properly.”

Graham Wyatt might be 6’2” of irresistible muscled, tattooed, angsty Alpha male (and don’t forget the man bun)—but sorry, ladies! He’s a one-woman man. Specifically, Mackenzie Thatcher, the love of his life whose heart he broke 5 years ago. Now that he’s out of prison (yes, prison…it’s a long story) he’s determined to redeem himself and prove he’s reformed his bad-boy ways so she’ll give him a second chance.

Mackenzie, on the other hand, has vowed off love forever. She’s already experienced excruciating heartbreak, and she has no intention of ever getting near that particular fire again…especially with the very man who burned her in the first place. She’s perfectly happy being a badass independent woman, thank you very much. That is, until seeing Graham again stirs up feelings she doesn’t know what to do with (besides a little quality time with her B.O.B.).

She’s not going to give in easily, but he isn’t afraid to play a little dirty. (Like that time he showed up to her yoga class and took off his shirt…) Graham is determined to do whatever it takes to win her back, even when some drug-dealing demons from his past show up and threaten the progress he’s starting to make.

Can Graham keep from repeating his past mistakes and find redemption with the woman he loves?

This contemporary second chance romance from debut author Elle Maxwell is a full length novel that is a standalone with no cliffhanger.



Trigger warning: depression, drugs 


The story– 4/5

Setting of the book– 3,5/5

Main Hero– 4/5

Smexy Times?– Yes

Overall – 4/5 stars

4 stars

This was a cover buy for me! Looking at the cover I expected a light contemporary romance mostly told from the girl’s point of view, but it was the opposite. I didn’t expect it at all. Was it good? Yes! Did I enjoy it? Totaly!Great book about a second chance romance.

giphy (2)


I’m looking for companionship and compatibility, not passion. Passion is nothing but a temporary high that eats your brain cells.”

The sight of her hits me, and I am suddenly afflicted with every single romantic cliché.
Heart racing? Check.
Breath taken away? Check.
Vision narrowing until I only see her? Check.
Weak knees? Check
I turn my attention to my new nemesis, AKA the lucky bastard she wore that outfit for.
(My resume is going to be stellar … short and sweet, a line for “MA State Prison Inmate, Accessory to Murder” followed by “Mackenzie Thatcher’s Stalker.” Who wouldn’t hire me?)
When a woman orders you to do something while bawling her eyes out, you do the damn thing. I suppose I’m lucky she didn’t tell me to jump off a bridge or wear a tutu, because at the moment I’d do anything if it had a chance of calming her down.
“Twenty minutes,” Shaina consents with a look and tone that screams ‘mom’ that I’ve seen countless times from my own mother. Perhaps it’s part of some standard hormonal programming that’s automatically downloaded into women when they give birth.
#LifeHack: Need to get past a power-hungry bridge troll? Wave something shiny in her face.


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Happy Independence Day Latvia!

Photo by Priyank P on Unsplash

Hello, My Darlings! I hope you are having a great day today. I just wanted to quickly pop on here and congratulate Latvia! Today 18. November we are celebrating the 101 years of Latvian Independence.

Why it’s the 18.November?

18 November is the Independence Day of Latvia — even though there were no borders set, a group of dedicated nationalists proclaimed an independent Latvian state on this date in 1918. Several months after this courageous step had been made, military interventions still went on — the Russian Empire did not want to lose this important territory. Nevertheless, this day is still the most important national holiday for every Latvian.


If you are in Riga today definitely take part in the celebration events(like concerts, fireworks, the speech of the president near the Freedom Monument).More info you can find here!

Today I’m going to celebrate with my family, eat traditional dishes and watch some old Latvian movies. Happy Birthday, Latvia! 


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essence Colour Boost”mad about matte” Liquid Lipstick -review

s-l300About the Product :

The liquid lipstick dries into a powdery-matte finish and covers the lips in high-coverage colours like nude, red, pink or purple. The texture feels lovely and light on the lips and is kiss-proof!

  • Liquid lipstick
  • Powdery-matte finish
  • Feels light on the lips


There are 10 colors in this matt range.



5/5 stars

5 stars

It’s pretty simple packaging. I expected it to be like the “classical lipgloss” tube but in reality, it has a brush, an interesting brush in my opinion. Easy to use, travel-friendly!

Texture and Quality

4/5 stars

4 stars

liquid lipstick

I have the colors 04 mad matters and 09 magnetic gloom, both of those are such a beautiful and rich liquid lipsticks. It does dry on the lips really quickly, so you need to work fast with it. You need just one coat to get the full pigment, but the problem is you can’t reapply without taking the first coat off, that’s the only downside. These lipsticks have a very strong vanilla scent.

4/5 stars

4 stars

I’m very excited and happy I got those. They are affordable but still good quality. I would recommend you to try those!


  • Long-lasting
  • Cute packaging
  • Affordable
  • Easy to apply


  • Stains lips
  • Hard to reapply
  •  Drying

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Tell me in the comments, have you tried anything from essence?

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“The Opening Night Murders” by James Scott Byrnside( spoiler-free) review

The Opening Night Murders
by James Scott Byrnside

The Opening Night MurdersAbout the book: Chicago. 1935. The Great Depression has brought America to its knees, and the people are dying for some entertainment. Luckily for them, a murder has been scheduled for opening night at The Red Rising Theater. When the lead actress receives a death threat, Detective Rowan Manory and his partner Walter Williams agree to take the case. Neither realizes the curtain is rising on the deadliest and most vexing mystery of their career. There will be 200 witnesses in the seats and not a single suspect on the stage. Could this be the perfect murder? The Opening Night Murders is a thrilling impossible crime novel that will keep you guessing from the first clue right up to the shocking finale.




The story– 4/5

Setting of the book– 4/5

Main Hero– 2.9/5

Smexy Times?– non

Overall – 3,5/5 stars


Okay, this was a crazy ride! There were so many twists and turns I didn’t expect and that’s really saying something. I loved the setting of the book, could easily imagine where and what’s going on! A good book, easy to read, was interesting. Would recommend.


A person who cannot go to the police is a person who cannot be trusted.
Everyone has something in the past that will not stay quiet.
“No, but women, in general, need to be more confident.”
“I don’t need to be more confident. My confidence is perfect.”
Walter said, “Money is thicker than blood.”
“I miss my long locks. Look at me.” She pouted. “I’m a little Roman boy come to life.”
Timothy Brown’s head remained buried in the morning paper. “I call her Claudius. Still ought to need a shield for the full effect though.
“What do you want me to say?”
“I called you because I wanted your advice.”
“Bull. You called me because you wanted me to tell you it was a great idea. Well, it’s not.”
I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.


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Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

Photo by Juliana Malta on Unsplash

Hello My Darlings and Hey if you are new here!It’s so nice to see you on my blog. Another day, another gift idea post. I’m slowly but surely getting ready for Christmas, looking for affordable and interesting gift ideas and sharing some with you all (I’m so excited for Christmas, you can’t imagine). Today we are talking about gift ideas for Mom. I don’t know about you, but my Mom is one of the hardest people to shop for, because she never says what she wants ! Here are some gift ideas, hope you will find them helpful!

Mugs to Cheak out!

Mugs for mom

1.Vilight Moms Mug Gift

If you don’t know what to get to your mom, simply get a Mug! It’s a great and practical gift to give.

2.Cute Ceramic Coffee Mug for Mom – Dear Mom From Your Favorite

Any kid with a sibling, your mom will love it! Cute and funny design.

3.Mama Needs Coffee Travel Mug

If your mom is always going in and out of the house, she will love this cute travel mug.

4.European Marble Grain Mug

If mugs with sayings or quotes are not your thing, why not to get this marble grain mug? Your mom will love this sleek and classical design!

Affordable Gifts From Aliexpress
Under 10 euros

Aliexpress edition

1.Cashmere Knitted Winter Gloves Touchscreen Compatible (1,18 – 2,41)

This is great! Has double lining (so those are super warm) and the best of all you can use your touchscreen wearing those gloves! Great add on to any gift.

2.Warm big scarf(€ 9,53)

Winter is coming and you need a warm big scarf for that! Those beautiful neutral colors would look great on anyone. Your mom will love it!


Who doesn’t love Hallmark Christmas movies?!(I personally love them) If your mom is one of those who love them too, why not get those fun socks!

4.I’M A Mom Tee Shirt (€ 3,57 – 4,48 )

Why not tell your Mom that she has a superpower? I love white T-shirts(but if it’s not your cup of tea there are 5 other colors to chose from) and it would be great for any new and “old” mom out there.

5.I’m not like a Regular Mom I’m a Cool Mom Women T-shirt (xs-xxxl)(€ 3,59 – 4,48)

Okay, this is cool! I think my Mom would love to get this, she is a “Cool Mom” so very fitting. Affordable and cool gift!

Books to Gift

books for moms

1.The Official Downton Abbey Cookbook

This is such an amazing gift to find. Downton Abbey is such a beautiful tv show and the food in it looks always sooo goooood, why not to get an official CookBook with all of those yummy recipes?! Great gift for any Downton Abbey fan!

2.One Day at a Time Diary 2020: A Year-Long Journey of Personal Healing and Transformation – one day at a time

Packed with exercises, affirmations, and opportunities to journal your thoughts and feelings from the first month of 2020, and to reflect on them, it offers the chance to slow down, step out of time and reconnect to your heart.

3.Spark Joy : An Illustrated Guide to the Japanese Art of Tidying

I think everybody knows about Marie Kondo and the “Spark Joy” system. So why not gift your Mom an illustrated one? Think will get my Mom this one for Christmas, she will love it.

4.Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah

This is a heartwarming(and in some places heartbreaking) story about forgiveness, family bonds, and a journey to self-discovery. A beautiful book to gift this Christmas!

5.Grow Your Own Vegetables in Pots and Containers: A practical guide to growing food in small spaces

Who doesn’t love fresh herbs in your dishes? (Seriously freshly picked basil on pizza will change your life, I promise you!)  So why not grow some herbs in your room? This Book will tell you how. An amazing gift for anyone who loves to cook and garden.

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Tell me in the comments, Are you excited for Christmas?

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Gift Ideas for Christians

Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash

Hello My Darlings!And hey if you are new here, it’s so nice to see you on my blog. Today I’m doing something a little bit different. If you don’t know I’m a Christian and most of my family is too, and that’s why I’m looking for “Christian” or “faith” centered gifts for Christmas this year. So I decided to share some interesting ones I have found! Maybe you are looking for a gift for your Christian friends, family member or neighbors, and those Gift Ideas could be helpful for you. Let’s dive into it!


Etsy Gift Ideas Under 15 euros 


1.POWERED by COFFEE and JESUS Christian Coffe mug

This is so cute! If you have someone who loves Coffee and Jesus this is a perfect gift for them. I love things like those , they are practical but still with a message in mind.

2.Bookmark, double-sided, Old and New Testament, books of the Bible

Bookmarks, let’s be real if you read you always need one (or two, or like ten…don’t judge). And those ones with Bible books on them are really cute and practical for bible study. The font it classical and would make a great gift for any Christian.

3.Tote Bag, A Light Unto My Path

Who doesn’t love tote bags?! No one! So why not gift one with a bible verse on it? Great gift for any Christian.

4.2020 Christian Colouring Calendar

This could be a nice gift for a family to color in together. 12 beautiful illustrations and bible verses for the whole year! And it’s hand-made, that’s pretty great too.

Under 2 euros

Gift ideas aliexpress

1.Bible Quote Faith Keychain

This is such a cute little keychain to gift to your bible study group, friends and/or family. It’s now €1.80 for one, but on 11.11(the big Aliexpress sale)it will be € 0,68 so definitely worth checking out!

2.Mini HOLY Bible Keychain

I have this one(you can read about it here) and it’s even better in person! Totaly getting this one for my friend for Christmas. Would recommend!

3.Phone Case For iPhone 

Elegant black phone case with a twist. I love the “Let your faith be bigger than fear” quote on one of them, it’s such a beautiful everyday remainder. Great and affordable gift!

4.Cross Leather Bracelet

This would be a great gift for any Christian man in your life! For € 0,73 and on 11.11 it will be even cheaper € 0,57! It’s a definite win in my mind. I already have a friend who would love to get it for Christmas.

Study/Prayer Journals

Study prayer


This one is such a great idea! I never know I needed it, but I need! A place to write all your prayers and when God answered them…that’s genial! Great gift for any Christians, will try to find one in Ukrainian for my aunt.

2.In Everything Give Thanks Study Journal

It’s a study journal for bible study centered around giving thanks and living with a thankful heart. That’s what I’m trying to do right now(living with a thankful mindset) so I found this study to be such a great idea. An amazing gift for Christmas!

3.Fear & Anxiety Study Journal for Women

Another thing I’m (and a lot of us ) are struggling with Fear & Anxiety, this bible study will help you find peace. It would be a nice gift for any woman in your life!

Disclaimer: If those feelings don’t let you live a normal and healthy life definitely talk with your doctor about it!

4.Amen: From Eden to Eternity (men version)

Amen: From Eden to Eternity(women edition)

This has a women version and a man one, so you can do it as a couple. Amen: From Eden to Eternity is a study on the story of Scripture. This 5-week study is designed to teach the big-picture story of the Bible and show how every part of Scripture points to Jesus. It’s such a beautiful bible study, would be very grateful to get it as a Christmas gift!


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Hope you found this helpful! 

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Gift Ideas for Tea lovers

Hello, My Darlings! It’s November, And that means the most wonderful time of the year (also known as Christmas) is coming fast(I’m so ready!). I’m already thinking about gifts, what to give each of my friends and family members(and I can say that’s hard). Most of my friends are big tea lovers, so I always put something related to tea in Christmas gifts . That’s the reason I decided to share with you some interesting gifts for tea lovers! Let’s dive into it!

gift ideas
Under 2 euros

Amazing and affordable little gifts to put in a bigger gift or just to give with some loose tea. Any tea lover would love to get those for Christmas!

tea stuff

1.Pug In A Mug Silicone Tea Infuser

Aren’t those adorable?! Cute Pug Tea Infuser? Yes please ,give me 10!

2. Green Tea Strainer

This has an interesting strainer, you can use it like an Infuser and/or a strainer. Great find under 2 euros, will definitely get some for my friends.

3.Teabags 5.5cmx7cm 100pcs

This is a must for any tea lover! Teabags to put your loose tea, such a simple but genial idea. I have those and I always repurchase them. You never know that you need those, but after getting them and using you can’t imagine your life without those teabags.

Tea Subscription Boxes

Getting new interesting tea on your doorstep every month? This sounds like a dream! I really didn’t know this was a thing but after some googling, I found some interesting subscription boxes I would love to give and get for Christmas(Hint, Hint)

sub boxes

1.Dollar tea Club

For $1.00-Explore 3 new blends every month, you’ll receive: monthly samples(2-3 cups each)

Price: Starts from $1.00(you can add 3 honey sticks for $1.95)

Shipping: Currently ship to the United States and Canada. $4.50 flat rate for shipping tea boxes anywhere in the US or Canada.

2.Tomotcha: Japanese tea subscription 

What will you get?Each month we ship between 40 and 60 grams of a distinctive Japanese tea, enough for about 35 teacups of 60ml (2oz).

Most of the teas we select are loose leaf green teas (sencha, gyokuro, tamaryokucha…), sometimes roasted (hōjicha, hōjibancha…), with something completely different every now and then (sakura ryokucha, zaracha…).

We send just one kind of tea every month: the whole concept of Tomotcha is to take the time to discover Japanese teas, one flavor at a time!

Price: For One Month 18 or a Gift for 3 Months 54

Shipping: Free Shipping Worldwide


What will you get?

  • 3 unique teas (about 10g each = 3 to 4 cups per tea) – Even some top-secret teas from the Savoy Tea Lab!
  • Tea Taster Notes – Become a Tea Expert!
  • Savoy Tea Sticker – Wondrous new design every month!
  • Auto-magically Entered to Win Monthly Prizes! – Find the Golden Sticker (yes, an actual golden sticker) in your Club Pack and you win!
  • Exclusive Discount Codes! – You’re in the club. You’re one of us! Those outsiders don’t get snappy codes like we do!

Price: $12.95 a month

Shipping: Free Shipping in Continental America 

Books to Gift

books for tea lovers

1.A Brief History of Tea : Addiction, Exploitation, and Empire by Roy Moxham

As a fellow tea lover, the tea industry is fascinating for me! In this book, you can dive into all the nity gritty tea history and industry as a whole.

2. Homegrown Tea by Cassie Liversidge

Want to start a Tea garden? Here is a beautifully illustrated guide on how to do it! Beautiful gift to any tea lover out there.

3.No Good Tea Goes Unpunished by Bree Baker

Who doesn’t love to read and drink some tea while reading? I definitely do !So why not read a cozy detective about tea, when you are drinking tea?


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Tell me in the comments,What’s your favorite tea flavor? Or are you more a coffee kind of person?

That’s it from me 

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October Favorites (2019 edition)

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Hello My Darlings and Hey if you are new here! It’s so nice to see you on my blog! Let’s talk about October. I did Blogtober in October, to be honest, I did enjoy doing it, but Blogmas did bring me more joy last year. I think it’s because I do love Christmas(logic,it’s the most wonderful time of the year) much more than the fall season (and Fall holidays) and that’s okay. But it’s finally November and that means lots of Christmas related posts from me(So get ready for that). Sadly I can’t do Blogmas this year(because of work) but that doesn’t mean we are not going to get in Christmas mood on this blog! Starting with a new “signature” card(holiday-inspired). But now let’s dive into October Favorites!

October favorites 12



encanto body spray


This has an amazing scent(like a very rich, expensive kind of perfume)! Stays on my clothes for days. I use it like every day, “in-home” kind of scent and now I’m thinking of getting the actual perfume. Very happy with this purchase!Would recommend!






Fairy Godmother Gone Bad by Sadie Carter42423727._SY475_

My review you can find it here! Isn’t this cover gorgeous?! Overall simply an amazing book, very funny! Would recommend!




Tabasco Chipotle Hot Sauce 

I’m obsessed with this(like eating a second bottle kind of obsessed)! It’s so good with almost anything, not too hot, has an amazing smokey taste. Totally obsessed! But keep in mind it is a hot sauce if you can’t eat spicy food then it’s not for you.


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Tell me in the comments, What was your favorite song in October?

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