My Christmas Wishlist

Hello My Darlings and Hey if you are new here, it’s so nice to see you on my blog! Christmas is coming and I’m so excited to celebrate with my family, watch lots of Christmas movies, stuff my face with traditional Christmas/New year dishes and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year! Today I want to talk about gifts, to be exact my wishlists for the Holidays. Let’s dive into it!




  1. Avon Far Away Glamour set
  2. Sinsay Gold photo frame   
  3. Sinsay Warm sweater with high collar and Norwegian pattern
  4. FROZEN 2 deluxe Anna doll

  5. Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick


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Tell me in the comments, What is in your holiday wishlist this year?

That’s it from me 

Till Next time 

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