My 2020 New Year Resolutions and Why I failed my 2019 Resolutions…

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Hello, My Darlings!And Hey if you are new here, it’s so nice to see you on my blog. The New 2020 year is getting closer and closer that means it’s the time of Resolutions. Did you keep yours? Because I didn’t(well okay I did keep some, at least I tried). My reasoning? I had the wrong motivation for some of them(like learn Spanish, I wanted to do it for a guy and lemme tell you it’s never a good idea). You can read my 2019 resolutions here! So this year I wanted to write things I’m actually excited about. Let’s dive into it!

  • Be More Active on my Blog

I love blogging and I do want to do it more regularly. I did try to be more active in 2019, and I kind of did. But with life getting busier and me not having as much time or inspiration I wasn’t as active as I wanted to be. So in 2020, I’m planning to get better with blogging schedule and post more high-quality posts for you!



  • Start a New And Useful Hobby (something like soap making, candle making or baking)

I have a lot of hobbies( like collecting dolls or reading books), but let’s be real they are nor very useful (as in not contributing to my life in a practical way). So in 2020 I’m planning to start a new hobby, will definitely let you know how’s it’s going.


  • Get deeper in my Faith

This is something I feel very inspired to do! And I can’t wait to really dive into Christianity from a historical and spiritual point of view.



Tell me in the comments,What’s your New Year Resolution?

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