First Impression – Avon “Far Away” Perfume

Polish_20191228_153806053About the Perfume:

Escape to a Far Away land with an exotic perfume of luminous freesia, enticing jasmine and vanilla musk. 50ml.

Far Away by Avon is an Oriental Floral fragrance for womenFar Away was launched in 1994Top notes are karo karoundeylangylangorangecoconut, and peachmiddle notes are jasmineosmanthusrosevioletgardenia, and freesiabase notes are vanillasandalwood, musk, and amber.

How to use me:

Embrace the infusion of dreamy floriental scents embodied in our iconic, bestselling perfume. Pair it with the matching body lotion to make the fragrance last even longer.


I got this perfume as a Christmas gift.

I  used it for 2 days to get my “first impression”



4 stars

I really liked the packaging! The box was sealed in a plastic wrapping, I really appreciate stuff like that. The bottle has an interesting form and the black “brush” on it makes it extra fancy. This would make a great gift.


Quality and Scent

4 stars

The quality of the bottle and the actual perfume is much better than I anticipated. The perfume has a pretty good staying power on the skin (3h-4h), stays on the clothes a little bit longer than on the skin. The scent of the perfume ..the best way to describe it is “Spicy but sweet oriental scent”. Some said it’s similar to the Chanel no.5 just cheaper, but I would disagree. I hate Chanel no.5 with a passion and this perfume is nothing like it, it’s much sweeter than the Chanel one.




  • Affordable price( I got it for 16 euros- 2 bottles of far away and far away rebel perfume)
  • Long-Lasting
  • Cute bottle
  • Makes a great gift
  • It’s a “vintage” scent


  • You can only get it just from an Avon distributor
  • The scent is not universal,so many people will not like it


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