Unpopular Opinion: I prefer Ebooks to Physical books and here is Why

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Don’t get me wrong, physical books are great and I do buy a lot of them(and you should too, nothing beats owning a physical copy of your favorite novel). Just with my lifestyle right now, Ebooks are my go-to, and  I do reach for them more. Here are some reasons why I prefer Ebooks to Physical books. Let’s dive into it!


  • You can read ebooks anytime and anywhere

Wanna read in the dark? Easy! Wanna read a very specific book on the train? No problem! This is so important for me because my whole library is always in my pocket and I can read whatever I want or need. I’m a mood reader so it’s very important for me!

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  • Most Ebooks are cheaper than Physical books

We all know Hardcover books are expensive, of course, there are discounts and coupons but a new and anticipated realize will be expensive …but an ebook will be much cheaper AND you will get it the second you buy it. And there are always free ebooks in the amazon kindle app, what can be better than free?!

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  • There are some books you can only get as an ebook(mostly self-publish books)

There are so many ebooks that have never (and will never) be published on paper. It doesn’t mean they are worst then other books, just e-printing is a cheaper and faster way for authors to get their book out to the people. Some of my favorite books you can only get as an ebook and they are amazing! So definitely go check out some ebooks right away.



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