Taking Part in the “2020 Diversify Your Reading” Challenge

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Hello, My Darlings! It’s the end of the first month of 2020 and I need a Challenge, because why not…am I right? And why not challenge me for the whole year? So I found this amazing 2020 reading challenge on the monganmoments blog, she has a Facebook group and Instagram for this challenge, basically, the whole package definitely checks it out.   Let’s read what genres we have for the whole year!

2020 Diversify Your Reading Challenge

  • JANUARY: Historical Fiction
  • FEBRUARY: Romance
  • MARCH: Self-Help/How-To
  • APRIL: Young Adult
  • MAY: Science Fiction
  • JUNE: Non-Fiction
  • JULY: Suspense/Thriller
  • AUGUST: Contemporary Fiction
  • SEPTEMBER: True Crime
  • OCTOBER: Fantasy
  • NOVEMBER: Memoir & Autobiography
  • DECEMBER: Mystery


My plan for this is to read at least 1 book from the genres we have in the specific month and then write a review, but I can only read my  Physical TBR books,If I don’t have any in that genres than I can get an Ebook(those are rules I made for myself)I already have. I can see already that some will totally bring me out of my comfort zone(like non-fiction or Self-Help). Can’t wait! So we are skipping January(because it’s already ending).

So ready for the Challenge!

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Tell me in the comments, Are you doing any Reading challenges this year?

That’s it from me 

Till Next time 

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9 thoughts on “Taking Part in the “2020 Diversify Your Reading” Challenge

  1. Self help books would be the most challenging for me, too. I like nonfiction/memoirs though! Hope you’re able to find a book for each month. 😊 Sounds like a fun but tough challenge, good luck! ♡

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