Single for Valentine’s day? Here are some ideas, how to spend it alone.

Being alone on Valentine’s day can be “depressing”(feel you my single brothers and sisters), but it shouldn’t be like that. Yeah, all your friends are on dates, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun evening. While we all wait for the prince/princess charming here are some interesting ways how to spend your Valentine’s day alone!


 Do a Spa Night

Get a face mask, make yourself a bubble bath, of course, chocolate is a must. Make this day all about yourself and self-care. You deserve a day to relax!


Cook something you  never tried

This is self-explanatory. Haven’t tried vareniki? Or maybe Greek pizza. Why not make it yourself? Find the recipe on the internet, get the ingredients and let the fun begin.

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Binge watch a popular tv show you have never seen

Open your streaming service, pick that one tv show you wanted to watch(for like….FOREVER) but didn’t have time, get a snack, and watch it! A great evening guaranteed.


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Tell me in the comments, How are you spending Valentine’s day?

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