“Fair Weather Enemies” by Sawyer North – Book review


The Hancocks and Ashfords have had a long-standing feud between their families long before Miss Jane Hancock couldn’t stand the sight of gentleman farmer Adam Ashford. But after both families fall on hard times and an unscrupulous creditor forces Jane and Adam to sign a devil’s bargain, they’ll finally understand the true meaning of keeping your enemies close at hand.

The terms of this bargain? Locate a lost treasure shrouded in deception and mystery.

The catch? Only one can claim it to win…the loser is left to ruin.

As Jane and Adam embark on a trek throughout England they plan to hate their adversary, no matter how attractive, generous, and kind they are.

Sometimes, plans change…


Spoiler Free

The story– 4/5

Setting of the book– 3,5/5

Main Hero– 4,5/5

Overall – 4/5 stars

This was an epic treasure hunt! The treasure hunt was even better than the romance(and the romance in this book was GOOD). I loved the bickering between our main couple (Jane and Adam) it was well written and the tension was sooo real! The writing style was phenomenal, can’t wait to read more from this author.

I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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“We do so well to avoid one another back home. A chance meeting in London can only be considered a bad omen.”
“Clearly,” he said. “I would have consulted a witch, had I known. However, as you were here, Oxfordshire was short of witches.”

She flashed a smile meant to slice. “If suitors are all of your species, sir, then I prefer a dog. At least they possess the good sense to cease howling from time to time.”

“But we shall never be friends.”
“Of course. Our dearly departed ancestors would never forgive such betrayal.

“I believe Mrs. Byrd should have the seat. She is quite above rubbing elbows with pigs.
Aunt Hester stood straight and lifted her chin. “Nonsense, sir. As a member of polite society, I rub elbows with pigs regularly. My lovely niece should take the seat.”

“Beelzebub. Prince of demons. Perfect. At least we are not required to ride him. Otherwise, he might carry us straight through the gates of Hell.”

I will walk barefoot as did my distant ancestors. If bare feet were good enough for them, then bare feet are good enough for me.”
“You forget one important fact.”
“And that is?”
“They are all dead. Perhaps their lack of suitable footwear was to blame.”

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