*Latvia is going on Quarantine for 2 weeks, so I got ebooks* – Haul

Hello, My Darlings! How are you all feeling? So in Latvia because of this pandemic, schools and universities are closed until the 14 of April. All events are canceled until April and our borders are closing too. So no coming to Latvia or leaving for some time. The first-day people where panicking, buying toilet paper and buckwheat. It was a mess, but now…I can totally feel the vibe is much more relaxed. But let’s not talk about the bad thing, let’s talk about books! I got some books to read , let’s dive into it.

My Perfect Wife
49344568._SY475_I finally have everything I ever wanted. A home with floor-to-ceiling windows, a devoted husband who dazzles everyone he meets, and two angelic children I adore. But as I watch my husband chatting with the girl next door, I wonder if anyone can see the sadness in my pretty pink smile, or hear the scream behind my straight white teeth?

I know I’m crazy to think there’s a hint of desire in his eyes.

I know it’s madness to see a flicker of fear in hers.

I know all this, because I’ve been wrong before.

And if I’m wrong again, he’ll try to take my children away.

The party is my last chance to prove to my husband that I’m on the mend, that I can handle something as simple as a drinks reception without snapping under the pressure. It’s all going perfectly until I see something in the swimming pool that changes everything. But if I can’t trust myself to believe it’s real, who will?

A totally unputdownable page-turner about the darker side of love and what really goes on under the surface of perfect-looking lives. Clever and unexpected, this book will have you gripped from the very first page until the dramatic final twist. Fans of The Wife Between Us and The Mother-in-Law will be hooked.

Why I got it : The description sounded very intriguing. I love thrillers and mysteries, and what can be better than domestic suspense? A great book to read on a rainy day.
The Modern Faerie Tales: Tithe; Valiant; Ironside

(Modern Faerie Tales #1-3)

43069636Holly Black’s acclaimed Modern Faerie Tales series is now available in this special bind-up edition featuring all three books!

Sixteen-year-old Kaye is a modern nomad. Fierce and independent, she travels from city to city with her mother’s rock band until an ominous attack forces Kaye back to her childhood home. There, amid the industrial, blue-collar New Jersey backdrop, Kaye soon finds herself as an unwilling pawn in an ancient power struggle between two rival faerie kingdoms–a struggle that could very well mean her death.

This special bind-up edition includes TitheValiant, and Ironside

Why I got it : I love Holly Black’s writing, and this sounded like something I will enjoy. And guys…the cover, I need it as a physical book.Can’t wait to read it and give you my honest thoughts.
The Fae Hunter’s Daughter and
The Shadow Coven

(Whims of Witchesbook 1 and 2)

When Eden discovers she has magic, she’s thrown into the middle of a supernatural world she never knew existed.
Everything was normal in Eden Brooks’ life until two weeks ago, when in a moment of frustration, she threw a remote across the living room at her twin sister—with her mind. But that’s not all. Somehow, she can make water boil and start a fire without a match.

At first, Eden keeps her newfound abilities a secret. Until she meets Nox at the park near her house. He’s mysterious, witty, and not bad to look at. But more than that, he has magic of his own.

But as Eden gets to know him, she learns his powers aren’t the same as hers and that his motives aren’t as selfless as he pretends. When her dad sees the two of them together, he forbids her from seeing him ever again.

Soon, she learns truths about her father she never thought possible, leading Eden to question everything she knows.

The Fae Hunter’s Daughter is the first book in Whims of Witches, a stand-alone series which takes places in the same world, after the events of the Whims of Fae series.


Why I got it : Can we all appreciate the covers?! This was a total cover buy for me, I hope those books will be good. Have you read them? Did you like it?

Of Beast and Beauty

(Daughters of Eville #1)

Something evil this way comes.
7 Vengeful Sisters
7 Fairytale Kingdoms
7 Daughters of Eville

Everyone dreams of marrying a prince—except for me. I am nothing more than a pawn in my adoptive mother’s diabolical plot against the seven kingdoms.I was the chosen tool, her sharpened blade that would cut the deepest into the heart of the Kingdom of Baist. But like all deadly weapons, my wedding is two-edged sword that could cost me my soul.

For I am Rosalie, one of the adopted daughters of Lady Eville, and it is my duty to enter into a loveless and hate-filled marriage with the narcissistic Crown Prince of Baist. My choices and heart are not my own to give. Yet even in the thick of dire situations, beastly vengeance can give way to beautiful attraction

Of Glass and Glamour

(Daughters of Eville #2)

Born under a hunter’s moon, abandoned as a child, I was raised to be a powerful sorceress—okay, a mediocre sorceress. All right, I’m good at glamour and can make things sparkle, if my spells don’t backfire. It was foretold long ago that I was a child of prophecy that would unite the fae and humans of Candor. The only problem, no one told me, and now the king wants me dead.

For I am Eden, one of the adoptive daughters of Lady Eville, and I have to attend the royal masquerade ball—not to win a prince, but to avenge my parents. Even if it means pretending to be a fairy godmother and wreaking a little havoc.


Why I got it : I love retellings and those sounded amazing! I have never heard of this author and can’t wait to read something from someone I haven’t yet discovered.



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Tell me in the comments, Is your country going on Quarantine? 

That’s it from me

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7 thoughts on “*Latvia is going on Quarantine for 2 weeks, so I got ebooks* – Haul

  1. Hi Anna, are you from Riga?? Back to 2016, I spend almost 1 year in there, it was really interesting… Specially because I am from Portugal and our countries are so different 🙂 have a wonderful weekend, cheers from Lisbon, PedroL

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    1. Hey hey ,no I’m not from Riga but I do live pretty close to it .That’s so nice ,hope you loved it here 😎.Hah yes,can totally agree with the different part. Thank you,and have a nice day PedroL 😊


    1. Thank you! I have a “reading” mood on my phone to read ,it really helps with the blue light. Maybe that could help you 😊,but as far as I know all of those you can get in a print version💕

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