The Fae Hunter’s Daughter (Whims of Witches #1) by Nissa Leder -Book review

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When Eden discovers she has magic, she’s thrown into the middle of a supernatural world she never knew existed.

Everything was normal in Eden Brooks’ life until two weeks ago, when in a moment of frustration, she threw a remote across the living room at her twin sister—with her mind. But that’s not all. Somehow, she can make water boil and start a fire without a match.

At first, Eden keeps her newfound abilities a secret. Until she meets Nox at the park near her house. He’s mysterious, witty, and not bad to look at. But more than that, he has magic of his own.

But as Eden gets to know him, she learns his powers aren’t the same as hers and that his motives aren’t as selfless as he pretends. When her dad sees the two of them together, he forbids her from seeing him ever again.

Soon, she learns truths about her father she never thought possible, leading Eden to question everything she knows.


Spoiler Free

The story– 4/5

Setting of the book– 3/5

Main Hero– We get multiple points of view, so it’s hard to tell anything about it.

Smexy Times?– Non

Overall – 3,5/5 stars

This is the first book I have read from this particular author. My main reason for getting this ebook was the cover😍(and of course the title, who doesn’t love some fea in they’re life). I loved the writing style, the story was interesting and easy to follow. This story is told from multiple points of view, I don’t like books like that, but in this case, it worked, mainly because you could really tell the difference between our heroes. Overall a great easy and fast read, have already gotten the next book and can’t wait to see where this story is going





The show on TV was about a bunch of girls competing to win some modeling contract. Two of the contestants were arguing about who deserved to win the show.
Silver’s eyebrow curved. “This is what humans spend their time fighting over?”
Vito sipped his wine. “Wonderful, isn’t it?”

“Lipstick is a tricky thing.” Eden shut Fiona’s door and using the button on the keys, made sure she was locked. “One wrong move of the lips before it’s dry and bad things can happen.”

“My friend seems to have a case of love-at-first-sight,” the girl said. “Which isn’t like him.”
“Ahh, good ol’ love-at-first-sight. So fairytale-esque.”

“Fae Hunters, huh?” Kaelem leaned back. “Like Buffy but they hunt us not vampires. Interesting.”

“I’ve been dreaming of you,” Stella said. “Not in a creepy way, but I’m a clairvoyant.

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