“He Is Psychometric”- was….like…what?!- Kdrama review(spoiler free)

About the Drama :


Lee An (Jin Young) has a special psychometry ability. Whenever he touches someone, he can read that person’s memory. Using his psychometry ability, Lee An wants to take out evil people in the world. Unlike his handsome appearance, he is not smart at all.

Yoon Jae-In (Shin Ye-Eun) is a girl with a scar in her mind. She tries to hide that. Lee An and Yoon Jae-In happen to meet and they struggle to solve cases

What will happen when their worlds collide? A romantic thriller about how these two teenagers love, heal, and support each other through big and small events.

Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
No. of episodes 16


Mmmkay, I expected this one to be like W-Two world  or Hotel Del Luna ,but I got Room .It started a little bit silly,lighthearted…yes we had this big event at the start of the drama.But after it,it’s pretty chill…at least the first 3 episodes,after it?It’s a mess,and VERY unexpected.

The Psychometric powers where an interesting part of the drama,never heard of it before ,so that’s nice.The actors did a great job ,my only complain is the editing…some scenes changed to fast and not smoothly.I did go into this drama “blind”,so that’s what I recommend to do.

4/5 stars 

4 stars



The romance was cute and sometimes silly,the chemistry was there!So I’m happy with that.


*Mild Spoilers*

I mean….What?! Like actually…what?! Did I expect the ending(or really the last 3/4 episodes)???HELL NO …You need to watch it,like for real!

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Tell me in the comments,Have you watched it?Did you like it?

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