Who needs sleep when you can have Kdramas?!-“Once Again” review

About the drama

Song Young-Dal (Cheon Ho-Jin) and Jang Ok-Boon (Cha Hwa-Yeon) have been married for many years and they have 4 children: Joon-Sun (Oh Dae-Hwan), Ga-Hee (Oh Yoon-Ah), Na-Hee (Lee Min-Jung) and Da-Hee (Lee Cho-Hee).

Third child Na-Hee is a doctor and she works with her husband Doctor Kyu-Jin (Lee Sang-Yeob) at the same hospital. They fell in love during their medical school days and got married, but their marriage life is not doing very well. Meanwhile, the first child Joon-Sun (Oh Dae-Hwan) and the second child Ga-Hee (Oh Yoon-Ah) are both divorcees and live with their parents. The youngest child Da-Hee struggles as an intern at a company.

  • Director: Lee Jae-Sang
  • Writer: Yang Hee-Seung
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 100
  • Release Date: March 28 – September 13, 2020
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


So….I binge watched it for 12h straight…Do I regret it?No….not at all.

(But I do need to make smarter life choices )

I didn’t expect to like this,at all. But I did! Usualy I don’t like long dramas( more then 32 episodes),because it can feel really forced after some time. This was such a beautiful(and hilarious)story of family and relationships .Loved the plot ,all of the story arcs were really thought thru ,well directed and the acting was amazing! I really recommend you to go in blind because that’s how I did it and didn’t regret it. Overall an amazing drama,would highly recommend for you to check it out .

(If you are a Got7 fan it’s your lucky day,they are mentioned through out the drama)

4 stars




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25 things I learned in 25 years(It’s my BIRTHDAY)

It’s official! I’m 25 years old today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. I still can’t belive it…like how?! Today my plans consist of kdramas and chocolate ,two of my favorite things in this world. But first let me share some things I have learned in 25 years of being alive.

Disclaimer: I will be swearing in this one 


1.Cut out of your life toxic people

2.Yes you are getting older,deal with it

3.Taking breaks doesn’t mean you are weak

4.Never do anything for a guy

5.Sometimes you need to be a Bitch!

6.Nothing lasts forever and that’s okay

7. Cry if you want to,don’t bottle it all up

8.Deal with your mental health first,anything else comes second

9. Don’t listen to anyone(just Mom)

10. And Yes your Mom is right (most of the time)

11. No…you will not grow out of the Kpop/Jrock faze,and that’s amazing!(13 years going strong)

12. If someone makes fun of your life choices now(or things you like and love),don’t worry…most likely they will do the same things as you years latter because now it’s “cool” and “trendy”

13. If you are tired ,just cancel those plans…it’s not worth it!


15. Staying up for 24 h to watch a kdrama is both very smart and really stupid life choice

16. Work on your anger

17.  You are worth it!

18. School is not for everyone and that’s okay

19. Making 5 year plans doesn’t work for you…sorry

20. Having few true friends is better than having 1000 fake ones



22. Family comes first…ALWAYS

23…But not toxic family members..you don’t need those in your life

24.Sometimes things doesn’t work out and that’s okay

25. What you want isn’t what you need!



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IT’S MY BIRTHDAY WEEK!Birthday Make-up haul(part 1)

Hello, My Darlings! How are you doing? Hope this week started great for you. I’m so excited, this is my birthday week and of course, I got myself some new makeup. I can’t believe I will be 25 years old this Friday…Like it’s actually crazy!

Today I wanted to talk about the stuff I got, there will be 2(or maybe even 3) parts to this, so get ready to see what I got!



1.Hand cream “Barkhatnyye ruchki”

I got this one as a little surprise from my dear friend Alina(she always gets me little gifts, how did I deserve such an amazing friend I will never know). I have already used this cream for 2 weeks now and can say it’s pretty decent. Doesn’t make my skin feel all greasy, and that’s a BIG plus. Overall would recommend

About the product :Hand cream with Shee butter and Hyaluron and vitamin B5.The high-quality cream “Barkhatnie Ruchki” won the recognition and love of millions of women! It provides complete effective care for the skin, improves skin condition, takes care, and makes the skin of your hands soft as velvet!

2. Maybelline Fit Me matt + porelles foundation for Normal to Oily skin(110 Porcelain)

I have tried this one before,and if I remember correctly I liked it. Right now, by swatching it I can say it’s not as full coverage as I like. It’s more a natural/medium coverage foundation so I don’t know how I feel about it. The color was a pretty okay color match, would love it to be a little bit lighter but we can’t have it all(yes yes I know, I’m white as a Ghost).

About the product : Fit Me® Matte + Poreless Foundation face makeup. This lightweight foundation mattifies and refines pores and leaves a natural, seamless finish.

3.The RIVAL loves me Primer Matt & Poreless

It has cute packaging,it’s vegan and super affordable(around 3 euros). So of course I got it!Haven’t tried it yet but by swatching it on my skin I can say I really like the texture. It’s not silicony or sticky.

About the product : The RIVAL loves me Primer Matt & Poreless has a matt effect, has a pore-refining effect, and prepares the skin optimally for the subsequent make-up. Skin compatibility dermatologically confirmed. Use: Apply to the face every morning after cleansing and massage in gently. Now the skin is ready for the makeup!

4. essence eyebrow designer(02 brown)

It’s like…my 5th pencil already!I WOULD DIE FOR THIS PENCIL!!!!It’s amazing,truly. One of my holy grail products I love and will always buy. It stays on the whole day,is not waxy and it’s easily to draw with . And of course it’s affordable,and that’s always a plus.

About the product :who says you can’t have it all? tame, define & shape your brows with an eyebrow pencil and brush all in one! a smooth pencil to define, outline, and fill in brows. blend seamlessly and comb with attached brush.

5.Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder

Another one of my all time favorite products! Yes,it can look ashy ..but my skin is like…white so It’s perfect for me.

About the product: If you prefer pressed powder, this fine, compact powder is for you! It can be applied above foundation to mattify your skin and set your make-up. For a matt, natural and smooth complexion. It’s perfect when you’re out and about with your girls!

6.essence smoothie gloss(01 crazy mango)

I got it as a gift for purchase,and I’m obsessed! It’s not sticky ,has a nice light scent(and it’s yummy,I tried it…You are welcome!)

About the product : as trendy as fruit smoothies: the lipglosses in the five fragrances mango, peach, strawberry, raspberry and blackberry – all with medium coverage. the cute lipglosses give you the feeling that you have the aromatic fruits right on your lips! each gloss has the colour of the fruit on its packaging


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Tell me in the comments, Have you tried any of those products?

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Ruthless Empire (Royal Elite #6) by Rina Kent- book review


She’s off limits. He has none.

There’s a girl.
Beautiful. Popular. Fake.
And my obsession.
My fall.
Probably my damnation.
Did that stop me? Do I care? No and no.
There’s a line between right and wrong. Moral and immoral.
And then there’s her.
I cross every limit with blood-coated fingers.
She says she hates me.
I say I hate her too as I trap her, own her.
Make her all mine.

Ruthless Empire is part of Royal Elite Series, but could be read on its own. For better understanding of the world, you might want to read the previous books first. This is a mature new adult and contains situations that some readers can find offensive

Goodreads page 


The story– 5/5

Setting of the book– 3/5

Main Hero– 4/5

Smexy Times?– A lot of it!Yes!


4 stars

Another Rina Kent book with unexpected twist! How does She do it?!My mind was blown…literally(No spoilers of course). This one was the longest book out of the series,but it felt like the shortest…I wanted more. I loved Cole and Silver ,they had such a beautiful love story of hate/love/toxic parents and expectations. Will miss this series a lot!



We’re proper people with proper manners and proper secrets.


I’d never tell Cole this, but I’m glad he’s holding my hand. I feel like demons will jump from the walls and devour us.
Or me, to be more specific. Cole would probably make friends with them.

My chaos.

My damnation


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“To All The Guys Who Loved Me” gave me Deja Vu feeling-kdrama review

About the Drama :


Seo Hyun Joo is a competent career woman who leads a webtoon planning team. Despite success in her career, she has found little in her love life after experiencing repeated heartbreaks. Now she’s given up on love and marriage completely. Just when she’s done looking for the right person, two men suddenly walk into her life. Hwang Ji Woo is the CEO of a pharmaceutical company, who’s known for his brilliant mind which propelled him to succeed at an early age. While his handsome looks captured many women’s hearts, he only shows interest in Hyun Joo. Park Do Gyum is a webtoon artist who’s been friends with Hyun Joo since they were young. Who will be the one to win her over?

  • Country: South Korea
  • Episodes: 32
  • Aired: Jul 6, 2020 – Sep 1, 2020
  • Aired On: Monday, Tuesday
  • Original Network: KBS2
  • Duration: 35 min.
  • Content Rating: 15+ – Teens 15 or older


I was excited about this drama ,I love Hwang Jung Eum and almost all of her dramas are in my favorite list. And both of the love interests are really great actors who I enjoy. This had everything I love in a drama : past lives, fantasy aspect,lots of cute moments,very well done love triangle…so why I didn’t absolutely love it? This was almost the same as “Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter,the idea was the same…the main love interests were the same actors…The main difference was this one is more realistic,but that’s basically it.

I was disappointed,maybe if I haven’t seen Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter I would absolutely love this one

3,5/5 Stars 




This is the situation when the second love interest has better chemistry with the main lead actress. I will not spoil anything,but….the chemistry was through the roof !


*Mild Spoilers*

The big theme of this drama was ” Not getting married”,and well it ended on that. It wasn’t bad,or good…just mehhh.






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