What I read in September(Wrap up)

Hello Hello, My Darlings! I’m here today with the book content. How are you all doing? How was September? September wasn’t a good reading month for me, just 6 books…That’s not good, I can do better(I read on the average 10+ books a month).

Let’s see what I thoughts of the books.

1.Ivory White by Cambria Hebert

First of all…LOOK AT THE COVER!!! I expected a very different story(more like Sex and the city), but we got a contemporary fairytale. I liked it, would recommend (gave it 4 stars)

2.The Princess Problem(Sexy Misadventures of Royals #1) by Christi Barth

This one was full of cliche and cute moments .Would definitely recommend if you are looking for something cute and fluffy, but not a fast read.

3.Marrying My Billionaire Hookup by Nadia Lee

This was cute and funny in some places, sadly it wasn’t perfect..some places dragged a bit and I got bored, overall an okay book if you want some fun(and diverse) romance. 3 stars!

4.Ruthless Empire(Royal Elite #6)by Rina Kent

My favorite book in September,I loved the Royal Elite series (IT WAS SOOO GOOD!). I have a whole review you can read here

5.Splendid(The Splendid Trilogy #1)by Julia Quinn

Another amazing Julia Quinn book. Let’s be real, I’m a Julia Quinn trash…I love everything this woman puts out. Amazing book, an amazing story …YOU NEED TO READ IT! That’s it, thank you for your attention.

6.Brutal Bully (Bad Bullies #1)by Logan Fox

This one….was bad. Nothing really to say here. 2.stars


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Tell me in the comments, How many books did you read in September?

That’s it from me

Till next time


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