November Wrap-Up(It was a good reading month)

Hello, My Darlings! How are you all doing? Hope November was a good month for you. Did you read anything good? November was a good reading month for me. I read around 10 books, I’m sooo happy! Let’s dive into the books.



1.A Duke, the Lady, and a Baby(Rogues and Remarkable Women #1)by Vanessa Riley

This was a pretty good read, I enjoyed it. Would recommed.3 stars

2.A Deal with the Elf King(Married to Magic #1)by Elise Kova

My favorite book last month! This was amazing, I have a full review here.5 stars

3.The Cup and The Prince(Kingdom of Curses and Shadows #1)by Day Leitao

I love the cover! It’s soo beautiful,I did a review of this book on my bookstagram(you can find it here)3 stars

4.Quarantine Baby by Clarie Wolfe

This should come with lots of trigger warnings like- rape, abuse(physical and verbal), Stockholm syndrome
2,5 stars

5.His Pumpkin Pie by Alexa Riley

It was good. A fast read, nice plot…but the “Russian” guy name, it was so unbelievable …FYI no normal Russian parents would call their son Miller or Frost, just saying.
3 stars

6.His Little Red: A Possessive Dark Romance(Mayhem Ever After #1)by Vivi Paige

It was good, nothing special…just a cute fast read.3 stars



7.Revenge of the Sluts by Natalie Walton

Another book I have a review on Instagram ( you can read it here). It’s a good read, 4 stars.

8.I Wanna Suck Your by Gemma Cates

Very mediocre. It was funny in some places, but overall nothing special 2,5 stars 

9.Tithe(Modern Faerie Tales #1)by Holly Black

My Queen Holly Black! This was good, I really enjoyed it . 4 stars

10.Baby’s Daddy by Aubrey Wright

It’s okay…another okay book I read in November…nothing super fun.3 stars



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Tell me in the comments, How many books did you read in November?

That’s it from me 

Till next time


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