Fables & Other Lies by Claire Contreras -book review(spoiler free)


55818653. sy475 Do you believe in curses?

I never did.

Not until that fated night, six years ago, when I sat in The Devil’s Chair and made a wish.

Not until it came true.

Not until I met River Caliban himself, heir to a fortune of curses. My fated sworn enemy.

I knew I should have stayed away from him. I should have run the other way when he called out my name, when he flashed that sinful smile of his, but instead, I walked toward him, leaving the light behind. Instead, I go against all reason, against all warning, and attended the gala of the year at his dark, allegedly haunted home at the top of the hill.

The moment I step foot inside I know I’m in trouble, but there’s something about River that magnetizes me, reels me in, and when he asks for the impossible, I find it impossible to turn him away.


This was the last book I read last year,and I can say….it was pretty good. Very quotable,like the most quotable book I have ever read. It’s such a beautiful dark story,the atmosphere was amazing. As with most gothic stories, there was a lot of mystery and uncertainty that wasn’t really explained,and I’m okay with it. Overall 4 stars ,I would give it higher but I didn’t like the ending… Would recommend for you to check it out.

4 stars


“I’m here for a funeral. Or do you suppose I should wear a celebratory color to honor my own father’s death?”

“The Devil is laughing tonight, but he laughs alone,”
“I thought good witches didn’t feel fear. I thought good witches walked in the light, where there was nothing to fear”
Life doesn’t care about fairness. We live, we suffer, we die.”
“According to fake Ms. Cleo, I’m going to die soon and my best friend is going to get kidnapped by the Devil.”
“Oh. Typical Tuesday on the island, then?”
I didn’t come for the festivities.” His smile was slow and purposeful, like a wolf ready to pounce on prey.
You came here for me,” I said.
“Beauty and brains. We have a winner.”
“Distance is an illusion.”
“Much like time.”
If I’d been a man, my father would have been proud. But I wasn’t a man. I was just a woman with a problem between her legs
“Isn’t that what life is? A series of impossibilities.”
“Isn’t that all romance is? Deceit wrapped up in a pretty package.”

Where better to have someone with questionable morals exist than a place where everyone is looking for something to give them purpose, without realizing their purpose was planted inside of them all along?



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