Little Black Dress Perfume and Roll-On Deodorant  by Avon- review

Little Black Dress by Avon


Complete your outfit with a show-stopping fragrance. Our Little Black Dress Eau de Parfum is a delicate blend of exotic garden notes. This fragrance is a timeless accessory and a finishing touch to any outfit.

• Size: 30ml
• Top note: Honeysuckle
• Middle note: Ylang-ylang
• Base note: Milkwood



I got the 30 ml bottle, so it’s different from the “big” bottle. It came in a cute cardboard box without the plastic wrap(didn’t like that). It’s made from sturdy glass with a plastic cap. Avon has two types of bottles for their 30 ml fragrances, and I can say this type I’m enjoying much more. It’s easier to bring with you.


This is truly a “little black dress” kind of scent! Like…it’s so universal, perfect for every day and any occasion. It’s not too sweet or too strong and can say many people will like it. Was it my favorite? Not really, but I do like it. The quality is great, and it stays on for 4 h straight on your skin.


I got this scent for under 4 euros and that’s an amazing deal! The quality is great and it would make a cute gift for someone(maybe like a Mother’s day gift). Overall I would totally recommend this perfume.

  • long-lasting
  • great for everyday use
  • Affordable
  • you can get 30 ml, 50 m, or 100 ml
  • Great gift idea
  • Travel friendly
  • You can’t buy it in a store, just from a representative

Avon Little Black Dress Roll-On Deodorant for Women


Avon Little Black Dress Roll-On Deodorant  for Women

All of your products in beautiful harmony. Avon Little Black Dress deodorant has the same gorgeous aroma as your fragrance so that they can form a perfect couple.


  • pair with the fragrance for a wonderful gift
  • enhances the intensity of the fragrance from the same line
  • leaves a long-term feeling of freshness
  • protects against unpleasant odours
  • provides effective protection against perspiration

How to use:
Apply to clean, dry skin under the arms. Repeat at any time during the day


I don’t have a lot to say , so I will be very brief. It has the same scent as the perfume, so I thought it was a great add-on to my purchase. Does it do the job?YES! And you smell very nice almost all day. Overall I liked it, but keep in mind…It leaves white marks.


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