NIV LUMO JESUS Books of the Bible : New Testament (Community Bible Experience)-review


The Books of the Bible (New Testament) is a revolutionary new presentation of Scripture that strips away centuries of artificial formatting, leaving behind nothing but pure Bible text. The result is a Bible unlike any other available today, but more like the original Scriptures. The Books of the Bible is specially designed to be read from start to finish, as if you were reading a novel. Natural literary breaks have been restored and the books have been rearranged chronologically, rather than by length, leading to a more authentic presentation of the Bible. There is also a helpful introduction to each book that sets the text in context, rather than adding explanation or application. The NIV text is also set in single-column format, rather than in two columns as you usually find in the Bible. This aids reading longer chunks at a time, as you would if you were reading a novel for pleasure.

This edition features colour photos from the LUMO Project films of the four Gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The project has been informed by leading world experts’ latest theological, historical and archaeological research on every aspect of life in first-century Palestine. It was shot on location in Morocco, using the very latest 35mm digital film cameras to ensure picture quality of the very highest standard across a number of platforms – cinema, broadcast, BluRay, DVD, and the web. The voice-over script is taken from the NIV Bible but the films have been shot with the intention of overlaying the Bible text in any language. These multi-language Biblical resources are set to transform the way in which people engage, discover and study the life of Jesus through the Gospels.


This was the answer to my prayers. I was praying for the right bible for me and I found this one at a very great discount in my local bookstore. As someone who is pretty new to bible reading, this looked AMAZING(and to be honest it is!)

First of all, it has maps to see how the region looked at the time of Jesus. As well as the “Chronology of the Drama” (that’s basically the whole bible story in chronological order).

It doesn’t have the verses numbered on the actual page, but on the corner, and because of that, it’s easier to read, not too intimidating. I love that, but I know that not everyone will like it. The print size is very good, my eyes don’t hurt after reading and that’s amazing. Overall This is a great bible for a new believer or anyone who is new to reading a bible, It’s easy to read and understand. The photos help to fully immerse in the scriptures.

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