The Nightmare Thief (The Nightmare Thief #1)by Nicole Lesperance- book review


Maren Partridge loves working in her family’s dream shop where she can hand-craft any dream imaginable. The shop has only one rule. Dreams cannot be given to a person without their consent. Maren has no problem with this—until her sister, Hallie, has an accident that leaves her in a coma. Maren’s certain she can cure Hallie with a few well-chosen dreams. And when no one is watching, she slips her a flying dream.

But a strange new customer from the shop has been following Maren and knows what she did. Now she’s laid the perfect trap to blackmail Maren into creating custom nightmares for a dark and terrible purpose. As Maren gets drawn further into the sinister scheme, she must make a choice: to protect her family or to protect the town from her family’s magic.

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The story– 4/5

Setting of the book– 2, 5/5

Smexy Times?– non,it’s middle grade


This one was okay…Was it interesting? Yes. Would I read it again? Nope. Magic realism inspired fairytale about family, hope, and dreams. It has strong Lemony Snicket vibes and I loved it. Maren was an interesting main hero, she was a completed one (so not one-dimensional) and that’s amazing. Overall a good book for any middle grader.



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