Fall Date Ideas(very Affordable)-Blogtober day 5

Hello, My Darlings!Hope you all are doing great. It’s day 5 of Blogtober, and we are talking Date Ideas. Some of those are my favorites, so here are some cheap and free date night ideas you can try today.

Scary Movie Marathon

Get Popcorn,candy,some cozy blankets. Turn on your favorite scary movies and enjoy the night.Easy to plan and very affordable.

Puzzle Night

Do you like puzzles? So why not do one together! Get a puzzle from your local thrift store or Amazon(here is a very cool puzzle with Hidden Images you can look after putting it together), make some coffee or tea and put it together.

Take a walk in the woods or local park

Do you have a forest near you? Or maybe a park? Take coffee(or tea) and go for a long walk with your beloved. Cheap, no prep and it’s always nice to get some fresh air.

Get Lost on a Long Drive

This is our go-to date night plan. It’s so fun to just drive and talk.You can have such deep and fun conversations this way(or have an epic karaoke battle). I do recommend this date night idea.


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Tell me in the comments, What’s your favorite date idea?

That’s it from me

Till next time