September Favorites(2021 edition)-Blogtober day 10

Hello, My Darlings! How are you? It’s Blogtober day 10 and we are talking favorites(beauty, books, and Music), September favorites to be exact. Last month was full of trips, memories, and my birthday(post about it you can read here). My favorites are all over the place, let’s dive into it!


Micellar Shampoo 5 Herbs Power Chistaya Liniya - Чистая линия Мягкий Мицеллярный Шампунь Экспертный уход  5в1, 250 мл

Super affordable shampoo that works. For 400 ml I paid 2.34 euro. And this smells amazing! Like sooo good, and my hair looks amazing after using it.Gentle shampoo(like super gentle), my hair color doesn’t fade after using and that’s always good. Would definitely recommend it.


The Girls by Emma Cline

Most memorable book I read in September. And the cover looks very spooky.

My review you can read here



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Tell me in the comments, What are your favorites right now?

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Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner -Review

About The Products:

Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo

  • Moisturizing shampoo that nourishes to make hair softer and 5x smoother when using system vs. non-conditioning shampoo
  • Helps to protect normal hair from daily wear and tear
  • Leaves you with that manageable silk hair feeling every day
  • Shampoo and conditioner system progressively nourishes leaving you with more nourished hair in the long run
  • Formulated with Pro-moisture complex
  • Suitable for daily use

Dove Daily Moisture Conditioner

  • Moisturizing conditioner: this nourishing deep conditioner helps give you silky and cared for hair every day. This hair conditioner instantly detangles and improves manageability
  • Conditioner for dry hair: when used daily this Daily Moisture Conditioner makes hair softer and 10x more resilient to breakage from daily grooming and brushing vs. non-conditioning shampoo
  • Hydrating conditioner: helps protects normal and dry hair from daily wear and tear. In addition to instantly smoothing this Moisturizing conditioner system progressively nourishes your hair
  • Nourishing care for dry hair: this conditioner for normal or dry hair deeply nourishes – leaving your strands smoother and more manageable
  • Pro-moisture complex: this moisture hair conditioner nourishes your hair to help fortify hair strands against daily hair damage and hair breakage
  • Dove daily moisture hair products: use with our Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo. Together this hydrating hair system provides superior nourishment solutions for hair


My hair type is Oily on roots and dry at the ends because of all the chemicals in my hair dye, so picking a daily shampoo and conditioner is tricky. Dove is such an iconic brand, but I haven’t tried any hair products by them. So I found a shampoo and conditioner in a grocery store and was like…Why not try it?! And the price was good(1,79 euro for each). After a month of using here are my thoughts!

First of all the scent is AMAZING! And it stays in your hair for a while, if you don’t like that…then it could be a downside. For me it’s a major plus, I love my hair smelling nice. The shampoo has tiny shimmer particles, don’t know if it does anything but it does look pretty. The conditioner is nice and thick. After washing my hair every other day, I can say my hair feels smooth and very clean. The only downside is my hair color faded a little bit, I guess it’s the harsh sulfates in the shampoo. Overall I’m very happy with this duo if you can definitely try it.


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Tell me in the comments, What’s the last makeup item you got?

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Makeup and Skincare Haul(Catrice,Isana,Avon)

Ehh…..I spend money ….

Hello, My Darlings!Hope you are all doing well. Today I want to share some stuff I got recently. Some of it is from my local drugstore and some are from my Avon Lady. Let’s dive into it!

All the stuff I got!


Catrice All Matt Plus Shine Control Make Up(010 Light Beige)

About the product :

  • Mattifying, oil-free texture
  • Lasts up to 18h
  • High coverage
  • Vegan

Why I got it: It was at a really good discount in my local drugstore, just 4.07 euro…Like you can’t beat that price. I have tried it out before, and I enjoyed it. Hope I will love it now too.

Catrice Clean ID High Cover Concealer(005 Light Natural)

About the product :

  • 98 % natural ingredients
  • Free of perfume
  • Without silicones and microplastic particles
  • Vegan

Why I got it: This one was a gift with spending a certain sum of money, and I’m very excited to try it. If you want a review, then definitely let me know in the comments.

CATRICE ICONAILS Gel Lacquer(100 Party Animal)

About the product :

  • Lasts up to 7 days without a top coat
  • Perfect gel-shine finish
  • Cap made of 94 % recycled plastic
  • Vegan

Why I got it : I fell in love with the colour of this nail polish,and it was on discount. So I’m very excited to try it.

Avon Clearskin Professional White Clay Cleanser, Scrub and Mask

About the product :

Blackhead-clearing facial wash, scrub and mask. Cleanses, exfoliates and helps to reduce oiliness to give skin a matte, even look. Unclogs pores and removes impurities to leave skin feeling clean and smooth.

Why I got it :I was needing a new face wash, and this sounded good. I Will do a review (so if you haven’t yet subscribed,then you definitely should)

Avon Coconut Oil Body Lotion

About the product :

  • Provides all day / long lasting moisturisation.
  • 3 x care for your skin (moisturise, nourish and condition).
  • Contains coconut oil and vitamin E.
  • Intensely moisturises.
  • 400ml.

Why I got it : My skin lately is super dry and I like the coconut fragrance,so this sounded amazing.

Avon Care Protective with Silicone & Glycerine Hand Cream

About the product :

Protect against dryness and rough skin with Avon Care Silicone Glove Protective Hand Cream. This protective hand gel locks in moisture and protects against skin irritants. Avon Care’s skin-softening hand cream formula alleviates cracked and drying hands for winter relief and all year round.

  • Moisturizes skin and reduces dryness.
  • Alleviates redness and prevents further skin irritation.
  • Dermatologist-tested

Why I got it : Ohhhh this is GOOD. Like really good. My hands are much softer after using it even after a day.

Avon Wild Strawberry Dreams Bubble Bath

About the product :

Relax and unwind in a bath full of luxurious, blissful bubbles. Formulated with natural strawberry juice extract and notes of creamy vanilla, it leaves the skin with a light sweet fragrance.

• Formulated with natural strawberry juice extract
• Dermatologically tested
• Available in 500ml and 1L

Why I got it : This smells amazing! I usually get a bottle of this to use like handwash or a shower gel.

Avon Absolute Nourishment Treatment Ampoule – 15ml

About the product :

Give your hair a serious dose of moisture with our argan and marula oil infused hair treatment. This weekly treatment instantly helps to smooth split ends and lock in moisture so that hair feels deeply conditioned and smooth to touch.

• Infused with argan and marula oil.
• Suitable for weekly use.
• 15ml

Why I got it : This was a cute little gift I got from my Avon Lady. I’m really interested how it works ,so will definetly try it tonigh and write a review.

ISANA Depilatory cream sensitive 150 ml

About the product :

ISANA DEEPHAIR CREAM for sensitive skin gently and thoroughly loosens unwanted body hair. The depilatory cream contains valuable rice and oat extracts as well as other nourishing ingredients such as vitamin E and urea. The special active ingredients donate moisture to the skin and keep it smooth and supple. The depilatory cream is particularly kind to the skin and has a pleasant scent. Loosens hair in the armpits, legs and bikini line.

  • Skin compatibility dermatologically approved
  • this recipe is 100% free of microplastics

Why I got it :I wasn’t planning to get it, but the price was sooo good. Another product I haven’t yet tried, but I’m excited.



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Tell me in the comments,What’s the last Skincare/Makeup iteam you got?

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Garnier Botanic Therapy Coconut Milk & Makadamia Conditioner- review

About the Product :

BOTANIC THERAPY Coco Milk&Macadamia balzams sausiem un raupjiem matiem,  200ml | Drogas LV

– formulated for dry and damaged hair types;
– has active nourishing and softening properties;
– provides regenerating and smoothing effects;
– contains natural Coconut extract and Macadamia oil;
– easily applies and quickly spreads;
– eliminates static electricity and dryness;
– makes combing and styling easier;
– provides shine and silkiness to the strands;
– heals the hair and improves its appearance;
– does not weigh down and maintains the volume;
– optimal for frequent use;
– has a convenient format.

How to use

Apply to shampooed hair, massage, then rinse. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water

My thoughts :


Packaging is pretty simple, very “classically” Garnie. Easy to open. I would prefer the packaging to be translucent or at least white, but you can’t have it all.


The quality (from what I can tell)is good. Very thick consistency, has a pleasant scent…but it’s strong, so not everyone will like it. This is perfect for very dry and dry hair, if you have an oily scalp…it’s not for you. As an oily scalp owner, but as someone who has very dry hairs (I dye my hair a LOT), this helped my hair be more healthy. But…it makes your scalp super oily. Overall, I liked it.

  • Affordable
  • Great gift idea
  • Amazing for dry hair
  • Travel friendly
  • it has a strong scent


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Tell me in the comments, Have you tried it?

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Gliss Schwarzkopf Gliss Supreme Length Shampoo- review


Protection 2-in-1 Treatment

The SUPREME LENGTH range with BIOTIN COMPLEX and PEONY FLOWER specifically designed to serve needs of long hair and removes excess oil at roots and repair damaged hair lengths. Extra Care Hair Care Supreme Length Shampoo is a gentle cleansing shampoo for flowing hair from root to tip. Developed to care for long hair, it is formulated with micro repair lipids, peony essence and keratin serum to repair damage, reduce split ends and strengthen the hair structure, preventing further breakage.


I have an oily scalp,but dry ends. So seeing this shampoo I knew I needed to try it. So I did! For a month I tried it and here are my thoughts.


Pretty simple pink plastic bottle with a black cap. The bottle is translucent,so that’s nice, you can see how much of the product is still left.


It smells amazing! Such a beautiful scent that stays on your hair for hours after washing. The quality is very good.The shampoo is thick and you don’t need a lot of product too really clean your hair(and that’s good).


My hair feels strong, but not super healthy. It’s a good shampoo, but it’s not my favorite. It did help my scalp with the excess oil. Will I repurchase it? Yes, but only at a discount.


  • long-lasting
  • great for everyday use
  • Affordable
  • Not a lot of product
  • Packaging is hard to recycle because of the color


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Tell me in the comments,Have you tried this shampoo?

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Syoss Keratin Hair Perfection Shampoo – review

About the product :

Syoss Keratin Shampoo refills the hair structure for a salon-smooth hair feeling with every wash.

  • SYOSS KERATIN SHAMPOO: Refills the hair structure with essential keratin for a salon-smooth feeling with every wash
  • 100% STRUCTURE REPAIR: The professional performance formula with Keratin reinforces the hair structure and repairs existing hair damages
  • FIGHTS HAIR BREAKAGE: Helps to resist hair breakage caused by brushing and styling thanks to the strengthening formula with hair identical Keratin
  • RESTORES THE HAIR FIBER: For stronger, shinier, healthier and salon-smooth hair feeling with every wash


My Thoughts :



It’s really bulky, so usually, I just put it in a smaller container for everyday use.

Quality and Scent

This is our 3 bottle of this shampoo, my mom loves it so we always have it in our house. It has a very nice caramel scent ,it’s not overbearing on your hair but you can definitely smell it across the room when someone is having a shower. How I already said my mom loves it , it makes her hair shiny and easy to brush… I, on the other hand, it always makes my hair frizzy. Like REALLY frizzy. Yes it feels healthy and my scalp feels nice…but my hair looks crazy ,don’t know how or why, but that’s how it is for me.


A good family type of shampoo for an affordable price.


  • Great scent
  • Lots of product in the bottle
  • Great for the whole family
  • Affordable
  • Not travel friendly
  • Makes my hair frizzy



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Tell me in the comments, Have you tried this product?

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Nivea Colour Protect mild Shampoo- Review

About the Product:

Nivea Colour Protection Mild Shampoo (250 ml), Gentle Nourishing Shampoo with color care complex hair shampoo for healthy, colored hair

  • Colour protection – The mild Nivea Colour Protection Shampoo nourishes colored hair particularly intensively and protects the hair color for longer color shine.
  • Colour care complex – with every use, the nourishing Nivea shampoo with its color care complex makes dyed hair noticeably supple.
  • pH balance: thanks to its pH-optimised formula, the shampoo is particularly mild on hair and scalp and harmonizes with your natural pH value.
  • Gentle cleansing: the shampoo gently cleanses the scalp. At the same time, it strengthens the hair structure and intensively nourishes for naturally beautiful hair

My Thoughts 



Nothing fancy about it, just a simple shampoo bottle. It’s really easy to use, so no complaints there! 


Mmmkay, the name says it all, it’s a very mild shampoo. Yes, your hair color will not fade, and yes you will clean your hair…but it’s not a great shampoo if you have very oily skin and need a little bit more to clean your scalp. I think it’s more for people with sensitive scalp and colored hair. Overall a decent shampoo for the money.




  •  Hair color doesn’t fade
  • Makes your hair feel nice and silky
  • Affordable(at least in Latvia)
  • Has a very light scent, not overbearing


  • Not a lot of product in the packaging




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Tell me in the comments,What’s your favorite beauty product at this moment?

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Oriflame HAIRX Advanced Care Frizz Control Smoothening Shampoo and Conditioner – First impression( I’M IN LOVE)


Oriflame HAIRX Advanced Care Frizz Control Smoothening Shampoo

Cleansing shampoo specially formulated to help smooth curls and frizzy, hard-to-manage hair. Contains Phytonutrients Complex and Satin Shield Technology, to help leave hair feeling softer and silkier. For best results use with other products in the Frizz Control range.

 Oriflame HAIRX Advanced Care Frizz Control Smoothening Conditioner

Rich, creamy conditioner that helps tame flyaways and control curly, frizzy, hard-to-manage hair. Contains Phytonutrients Complex and Satin Shield Technology, to help leave hair feeling softer, shinier and silkier. Use with other products in the Frizz Control range.


My Thoughts

So I have tried this duo just once, but I already love it! First of all the scent is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ,it’s sweet so if that’s an issue for you better skip this one. Second of all My hair quality…my hair is so smooth! Like extra smooth, it feels nice and looks nice. About the frizz, it did get better .My hair doesn’t look super frizzy and that’s already a plus. Overall I’m very happy with this product, will definitely do a review after a month of use.

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Tell me in the comments, What’s your favorite Shampoo?

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I got some new Stuff- Avon “Skin and Body care” Haul

Hello, My Darlings! And Hey if you are new here, it’s so nice to see you! Today I want to talk about some goodies I got from Avon. I didn’t really plan to get anything this month, but me being sick for 2 weeks and the catalog just sitting on the table…well I made an order(yes, I have no self-control when it comes to pretty cosmetic bottles). So I paid for all of those goodies around 20 euros, cheaper than our drugstores (We Love Saving Money) . Let’s dive into the Haul!


avon for blog

Naturals skincare Hydrating “Aloe & Cotton” face cream and Naturals skincare Hydrating “Aloe & Cotton” face mask

Why I got it – I got those both for my mom. She has dry skin and this sounded like something she would enjoy. The face cream and mask has a very nice light aloe scent(you know, THAT scent). Isn’t greasy.


avon for blog 7

Naturals hair care Full Volume Shampoo (raspberry & hibiscus)

Why I got it – This is a HUGE bottle(and I love it)! The price was decent (3,88 euro for 700 ml bottle) so I decided to get it. I already tried it, and I can say I like it. It does give you volume, but not over the top one. Now I want to try more of those shampoos.

avon for blog 2

Simply delicate Calming fragrance-free Feminine wash 

Why I got it – I needed one, and this was at a very good discount(originally around 3 euros, I got it for 1.40 euro). I liked it,does the job . Overall a good product!

avon for blog 1

Senses Infusions Collection zen Mandarin & Jasmin shower gel and

Senses 2-in-1 for men Energising amber & cedarwood hair and body wash 

Why I got it –  This was a set deal (2 for 2.99 euro). You can never have too many shower gels in my opinion. Both of them has an amazing scent, and the quality of the actual product is great(I really love Avon’s shower gel formula)


avon for blog 5

Naturals Body care black Cherry & Nutmeg shower gel

Why I got it -Another Shower gel! I got this as a gift for buying over 19 euros on Avon’s online store. Can say I will definitely get another one after using this one up.


avon for blog 6

French Lilac BubbleBath

Why I got it – This smells like unicorns, rainbows and my childhood. We had 2 big french lilac bushes around my house when I was growing up and the smell always made excited for spring. I will definitely buy some more.


avon for blog 4

Cherish Roll-on deodorant

Why I got it – My deodorant was running out, and I needed a new one. I decided to get this one because I have never tried Avon’s perfumed deodorants and the price was good(around 2 euros). And I can say…the scent is phenomenal! It’s so fresh, but very feminine at the same time. LOve LOve love it!


avon for blog 3

Nourishing with cocoa butter Hand cream for dry to extra dry skin

Why I got it – This I got as a gift for my best friends(Alina and Agness). We have this tradition , we get each other little gifts for the international women’s day and those looked so cute. So I got them those hand creams. I really hope they will love.


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Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

Photo by Juliana Malta on Unsplash

Hello My Darlings and Hey if you are new here!It’s so nice to see you on my blog. Another day, another gift idea post. I’m slowly but surely getting ready for Christmas, looking for affordable and interesting gift ideas and sharing some with you all (I’m so excited for Christmas, you can’t imagine). Today we are talking about gift ideas for Mom. I don’t know about you, but my Mom is one of the hardest people to shop for, because she never says what she wants ! Here are some gift ideas, hope you will find them helpful!

Mugs to Cheak out!

Mugs for mom

1.Vilight Moms Mug Gift

If you don’t know what to get to your mom, simply get a Mug! It’s a great and practical gift to give.

2.Cute Ceramic Coffee Mug for Mom – Dear Mom From Your Favorite

Any kid with a sibling, your mom will love it! Cute and funny design.

3.Mama Needs Coffee Travel Mug

If your mom is always going in and out of the house, she will love this cute travel mug.

4.European Marble Grain Mug

If mugs with sayings or quotes are not your thing, why not to get this marble grain mug? Your mom will love this sleek and classical design!

Affordable Gifts From Aliexpress
Under 10 euros

Aliexpress edition

1.Cashmere Knitted Winter Gloves Touchscreen Compatible (1,18 – 2,41)

This is great! Has double lining (so those are super warm) and the best of all you can use your touchscreen wearing those gloves! Great add on to any gift.

2.Warm big scarf(€ 9,53)

Winter is coming and you need a warm big scarf for that! Those beautiful neutral colors would look great on anyone. Your mom will love it!


Who doesn’t love Hallmark Christmas movies?!(I personally love them) If your mom is one of those who love them too, why not get those fun socks!

4.I’M A Mom Tee Shirt (€ 3,57 – 4,48 )

Why not tell your Mom that she has a superpower? I love white T-shirts(but if it’s not your cup of tea there are 5 other colors to chose from) and it would be great for any new and “old” mom out there.

5.I’m not like a Regular Mom I’m a Cool Mom Women T-shirt (xs-xxxl)(€ 3,59 – 4,48)

Okay, this is cool! I think my Mom would love to get this, she is a “Cool Mom” so very fitting. Affordable and cool gift!

Books to Gift

books for moms

1.The Official Downton Abbey Cookbook

This is such an amazing gift to find. Downton Abbey is such a beautiful tv show and the food in it looks always sooo goooood, why not to get an official CookBook with all of those yummy recipes?! Great gift for any Downton Abbey fan!

2.One Day at a Time Diary 2020: A Year-Long Journey of Personal Healing and Transformation – one day at a time

Packed with exercises, affirmations, and opportunities to journal your thoughts and feelings from the first month of 2020, and to reflect on them, it offers the chance to slow down, step out of time and reconnect to your heart.

3.Spark Joy : An Illustrated Guide to the Japanese Art of Tidying

I think everybody knows about Marie Kondo and the “Spark Joy” system. So why not gift your Mom an illustrated one? Think will get my Mom this one for Christmas, she will love it.

4.Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah

This is a heartwarming(and in some places heartbreaking) story about forgiveness, family bonds, and a journey to self-discovery. A beautiful book to gift this Christmas!

5.Grow Your Own Vegetables in Pots and Containers: A practical guide to growing food in small spaces

Who doesn’t love fresh herbs in your dishes? (Seriously freshly picked basil on pizza will change your life, I promise you!)  So why not grow some herbs in your room? This Book will tell you how. An amazing gift for anyone who loves to cook and garden.

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