Little Black Dress Perfume and Roll-On Deodorant  by Avon- review

Little Black Dress by Avon


Complete your outfit with a show-stopping fragrance. Our Little Black Dress Eau de Parfum is a delicate blend of exotic garden notes. This fragrance is a timeless accessory and a finishing touch to any outfit.

• Size: 30ml
• Top note: Honeysuckle
• Middle note: Ylang-ylang
• Base note: Milkwood



I got the 30 ml bottle, so it’s different from the “big” bottle. It came in a cute cardboard box without the plastic wrap(didn’t like that). It’s made from sturdy glass with a plastic cap. Avon has two types of bottles for their 30 ml fragrances, and I can say this type I’m enjoying much more. It’s easier to bring with you.


This is truly a “little black dress” kind of scent! Like…it’s so universal, perfect for every day and any occasion. It’s not too sweet or too strong and can say many people will like it. Was it my favorite? Not really, but I do like it. The quality is great, and it stays on for 4 h straight on your skin.


I got this scent for under 4 euros and that’s an amazing deal! The quality is great and it would make a cute gift for someone(maybe like a Mother’s day gift). Overall I would totally recommend this perfume.

  • long-lasting
  • great for everyday use
  • Affordable
  • you can get 30 ml, 50 m, or 100 ml
  • Great gift idea
  • Travel friendly
  • You can’t buy it in a store, just from a representative

Avon Little Black Dress Roll-On Deodorant for Women


Avon Little Black Dress Roll-On Deodorant  for Women

All of your products in beautiful harmony. Avon Little Black Dress deodorant has the same gorgeous aroma as your fragrance so that they can form a perfect couple.


  • pair with the fragrance for a wonderful gift
  • enhances the intensity of the fragrance from the same line
  • leaves a long-term feeling of freshness
  • protects against unpleasant odours
  • provides effective protection against perspiration

How to use:
Apply to clean, dry skin under the arms. Repeat at any time during the day


I don’t have a lot to say , so I will be very brief. It has the same scent as the perfume, so I thought it was a great add-on to my purchase. Does it do the job?YES! And you smell very nice almost all day. Overall I liked it, but keep in mind…It leaves white marks.


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Avon “Luck” for Her Eau de Parfum-review


Sparkling citrus and luscious berries blended with creamy white florals and warm sandalwood.

  • Top: Pink Pepper
  • Heart: Nutmeg
  • Base: Sandalwood Essence

My thoughts :

I got this perfume for myself as a Christmas gift. The price was 4.99 euro for 30ml, so very affordable.


I got the 30 ml version, so the packaging is average. It’s a solid glass bottle(a little bit heavy and that’s amazing). The 50 ml bottle is MUCH cuter(it has a bow on it), but the cardboard box of this one is such good quality(very sturdy), I’m impressed.

Quality and Scent

The quality of the perfume is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! It stays on my skin a whole day, like around 8h. But on my clothes, it stays even longer, like 24h. I’m so happy with it. The scent is great too, it’s sweet but not overbearing. I love Sandalwood and you can really smell in this perfume.


4 stars
  • long-lasting
  • great for everyday use
  • Affordable
  • you can get 30 ml or 50 ml
  • Great gift idea
  • Travel friendly
  • You can’t buy it in a store, just from a representative

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April favorites – Quarantine style (2020 edition)

Hello, My Darlings! How are you all doing? How was your April? Mine was eventful in ways I didn’t expect it to be. For example, I finally cleaned out my room and I started a bookstagram account ( you can find it here @aurorasbookcorner). I truly will remember April of 2020 for the rest of my life, we were in quarantine the whole month and it was a very interesting experience(we are still in quarantine until 12 May). Let’s dive into my April favorites!



avon for blog 7

Naturals hair care Full Volume Shampoo (raspberry & hibiscus)

This is such a good everyday shampoo for your hair(if you have normal/oily hair). It has a nice light flowery scent , and lasts for such a long time! I will definitely get some more!

avon for blog 4

Cherish Roll-on deodorant

I love this scent! It’s such a beautiful light rich perfume scent, I love this deodorant Sooo goood!



Sara Holland’s Everless blow my mind! It’s was such an epic Ya fantasy ,and I loved every page of it .I have written a review you can read here ( Everless (Everless #1) by Sara Holland – book review)


Ofenbach- Rock it


Boys Over Flowers

f4 titul

Set at a famous high school for the super-wealthy, this is a puppy love story centered on a poor girl and the F4 gang of rich kids headed by the rough and fearless Jun-pyo Koo.

Geum Jan-Di (Hye-seon Ku) is a girl from a poor family but has an unrivaled sense of optimism and drive and is by chance admitted to a prestigious private high school.

There she meets the infamous group of four astonishingly good looking and rich boys who are known as F4. The group’s leader is Koo Jun-Pyo (Min-ho Lee), who is a spoiled heir to world-leading conglomerate Shinhwa. He is joined by mysterious and breathlessly handsome Yun Ji-Hu (Hyeon-jung Kim), So Lee-Jeong (Kim Beom), and Song Woo-Bin (Kim Jun). Their love story moves from Seoul to New Caledonia to Macau.


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Tell me in the comments, How was your April?

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Beauty Products I loved, hated and just didn’t care about-Part II (2020 edition)

Hello, My Darlings! How are you all doing? How is life treating you? Have you started a new hobby in this quarantine?  I have called bookstagram. Can say it looks much easier then it is. So today I want to talk about Beauty products, had time to use some old products I already had. Let’s dive into it?


for blog 2

1.Milk & Honey Gold nourishing Hand & Body Cream

This is such a great body lotion, it really helps to keep your hands soft. Great if you have eczema or psoriasis, it helps to soothe the skin.

Would I Repurchase it ? – YES!!!!I need more.

Was It affordable? – I got it as a gift

About the Product: Milk & Honey Gold Nourishing Hand & Body Cream is an ultra-indulgent, nourishing cream infused with organically sourced extracts of milk and honey. Intensively nourishes hands and body to leave skin soft, supple, fragrant and hydrated all day.

2. Avon Planet Spa Heavenly Hydration Eye Gel Mask 

Love it!Great eye gel to keep your eyes looking refreshed. It lasted for like 3 months, so great value for the money.

Would I Repurchase it? – Yes, but only on the discount!

Was It affordable? – Yes

About the Product: Soothing & cooling eye gel. Help reduce puffy eyes with our deeply moisturising, leave-on mask.


3. Focallure Baked Blush 

I started to use it every day recently and I love it! It’s such a good blush, give a very healthy blush.

Would I Repurchase it? – No

Was It affordable? – I got it as a gift

About the Product: 


– Ultra-luxurious, silky powder
– Mineral oil and paraben-free formulation
– baking technology creates a soft, creamy powder
How to
Using a Retractable Baked Powder Brush, apply and blend from the apples of your cheeks, up towards the hairline

4.Bioderma Sebium Mat Control Shine- control moisturize (Combination/oily sensitive skin)

I got this from a friend because she knows I have oily skin. So I tried this for a week and what can I say…It’s good. Not perfect, maybe will get the full-size version.

Would I Repurchase it? – Maybe

Was It affordable? – I got this sample from a friend,so yes

About the Product: Combat shine with the Bioderma Sebium Mat Control – Shine-Control Moisturiser, a lightweight moisturiser that keeps oily-to-combination skin types feeling fresh and matte.

Sebium Mat Control targets unwanted oil and over productive sebum glands with its purifying formula that turns shine into radiance.

To keep your skin matte and shine-free the combination of Fluidactiv®, an oil regulating complex, together with zinc helps to re-balance the complexion for up to 8 hours whilst reducing the formation of blemishes. In addition, an infusion of keratolytic active ingredients and an astringent works to tighten your pores, improving your overall skin texture day after day.

Perfect to use as a base under makeup, silica and micropearl microparticles create a matte radiance that ensures your skin glows with health, with or without foundation.

Apply to skin morning and/or evening, after cleansing with either the Sebium Purifying Cleansing Foaming Gel or the Sebium H20.

Hypoallergenic, paraben-free


5. Oriflame LOVE NATURE Face Gel Cucumber

This is just meeh, good if you have a normal skin type. But can be used if you have oily skin too. Great for traveling!

Would I Repurchase it? – No

Was It affordable? – I got this as a gift

About the Product: Love Nature celebrates ingredients from nature that smell and feel fantastic. Every pleasurable product has been created to benefit your body and respect the planet.


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I got some new Stuff- Avon “Skin and Body care” Haul

Hello, My Darlings! And Hey if you are new here, it’s so nice to see you! Today I want to talk about some goodies I got from Avon. I didn’t really plan to get anything this month, but me being sick for 2 weeks and the catalog just sitting on the table…well I made an order(yes, I have no self-control when it comes to pretty cosmetic bottles). So I paid for all of those goodies around 20 euros, cheaper than our drugstores (We Love Saving Money) . Let’s dive into the Haul!


avon for blog

Naturals skincare Hydrating “Aloe & Cotton” face cream and Naturals skincare Hydrating “Aloe & Cotton” face mask

Why I got it – I got those both for my mom. She has dry skin and this sounded like something she would enjoy. The face cream and mask has a very nice light aloe scent(you know, THAT scent). Isn’t greasy.


avon for blog 7

Naturals hair care Full Volume Shampoo (raspberry & hibiscus)

Why I got it – This is a HUGE bottle(and I love it)! The price was decent (3,88 euro for 700 ml bottle) so I decided to get it. I already tried it, and I can say I like it. It does give you volume, but not over the top one. Now I want to try more of those shampoos.

avon for blog 2

Simply delicate Calming fragrance-free Feminine wash 

Why I got it – I needed one, and this was at a very good discount(originally around 3 euros, I got it for 1.40 euro). I liked it,does the job . Overall a good product!

avon for blog 1

Senses Infusions Collection zen Mandarin & Jasmin shower gel and

Senses 2-in-1 for men Energising amber & cedarwood hair and body wash 

Why I got it –  This was a set deal (2 for 2.99 euro). You can never have too many shower gels in my opinion. Both of them has an amazing scent, and the quality of the actual product is great(I really love Avon’s shower gel formula)


avon for blog 5

Naturals Body care black Cherry & Nutmeg shower gel

Why I got it -Another Shower gel! I got this as a gift for buying over 19 euros on Avon’s online store. Can say I will definitely get another one after using this one up.


avon for blog 6

French Lilac BubbleBath

Why I got it – This smells like unicorns, rainbows and my childhood. We had 2 big french lilac bushes around my house when I was growing up and the smell always made excited for spring. I will definitely buy some more.


avon for blog 4

Cherish Roll-on deodorant

Why I got it – My deodorant was running out, and I needed a new one. I decided to get this one because I have never tried Avon’s perfumed deodorants and the price was good(around 2 euros). And I can say…the scent is phenomenal! It’s so fresh, but very feminine at the same time. LOve LOve love it!


avon for blog 3

Nourishing with cocoa butter Hand cream for dry to extra dry skin

Why I got it – This I got as a gift for my best friends(Alina and Agness). We have this tradition , we get each other little gifts for the international women’s day and those looked so cute. So I got them those hand creams. I really hope they will love.


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First Impression – Avon “Far Away” Perfume

Polish_20191228_153806053About the Perfume:

Escape to a Far Away land with an exotic perfume of luminous freesia, enticing jasmine and vanilla musk. 50ml.

Far Away by Avon is an Oriental Floral fragrance for womenFar Away was launched in 1994Top notes are karo karoundeylangylangorangecoconut, and peachmiddle notes are jasmineosmanthusrosevioletgardenia, and freesiabase notes are vanillasandalwood, musk, and amber.

How to use me:

Embrace the infusion of dreamy floriental scents embodied in our iconic, bestselling perfume. Pair it with the matching body lotion to make the fragrance last even longer.


I got this perfume as a Christmas gift.

I  used it for 2 days to get my “first impression”



4 stars

I really liked the packaging! The box was sealed in a plastic wrapping, I really appreciate stuff like that. The bottle has an interesting form and the black “brush” on it makes it extra fancy. This would make a great gift.


Quality and Scent

4 stars

The quality of the bottle and the actual perfume is much better than I anticipated. The perfume has a pretty good staying power on the skin (3h-4h), stays on the clothes a little bit longer than on the skin. The scent of the perfume ..the best way to describe it is “Spicy but sweet oriental scent”. Some said it’s similar to the Chanel no.5 just cheaper, but I would disagree. I hate Chanel no.5 with a passion and this perfume is nothing like it, it’s much sweeter than the Chanel one.




  • Affordable price( I got it for 16 euros- 2 bottles of far away and far away rebel perfume)
  • Long-Lasting
  • Cute bottle
  • Makes a great gift
  • It’s a “vintage” scent


  • You can only get it just from an Avon distributor
  • The scent is not universal,so many people will not like it


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Tell me in the comments, What’s your favorite perfume?

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July/August Empties

It’s September! And I have finished more than one product. I have never done an empties post, but today cleaning out my bathroom I found many of my products are empty, so I thought why not to write a blog post?That’s why we are here today! Let’s talk about my trash basically!

for blog 1

1.Oblepikha Nutrition & Repair Shampoo for Weak and Damaged Hair

About the product: Delicately cleanses hair, intensively repairs damaged the structure, and protects hair from heat exposure during hot styling. Perfect for taking care of weak, dyed, highlighted, and chemically treated hair. Seals hair surface with a protective layer, creating a laminated effect; and smoothes and thickens hair, making brushing easier. Vitamins and amino-acids in the formula nourish and repair hair, while Altai sea-buckthorn oil and Moroccan argan oil help produce keratin, which gives hair shine and strength. Siberian flaxseed oil, Arctic rose, and snow cladonia help retain moisture deep in hair structure. After using this shampoo, hair becomes visibly sleek, strong and tame.

My Thoughts: Pretty good shampoo, but nothing special, didn’t make my hair fluffy(and that’s good), affordable, good quality, has a nice scent to it.

Will, I repurchase it?- No 

2.Timotei Pure Normal to Greasy Hair Shampoo 

About the product: infused with organic green tea extract. This shampoo revitalizes normal to greasy hair without using any silicones, parabens or colorants. This caring formula makes your hair feel fresh, clean and beautiful – a pure reflection of a more natural you. New Timotei Pure is perfect for hair that’s prone to greasiness. Known for its revitalizing properties, green tea helps leave hair fresh, light and looking beautiful. Discover our new eco-friendly refills for pure shampoo which contain 67 % less plastic than our 400 ml pure shampoo bottles. Organic green tea contains polyphenols, which are known throughout the beauty world for their natural antioxidant properties. 0% Parabens – At Timotei we strive to make our products as natural as possible, so we’ve stopped using parabens. Parabens are a chemical, commonly used in shampoos to help preserve the other ingredients. At Timotei you’ll find that our whole product range is now paraben-free. 0% silicones and colorants – We’ve also removed any silicones or colorants to make timotei pure, well, even more pure. All wrapped up in eco-friendly bottles that use less plastic and are fully recyclable.

My Thoughts: I loved this shampoo! I got it in Ukraine(you sadly can’t get it in Latvia), as part of a gift set (still have the conditioner to try). This shampoo is amazing if you can definitely try it, even if you don’t have grease hair. I found that it works for almost any hair type, makes hair feel smooth, clean, and easy to manage. Didn’t strip my hair color, and that’s great!

Will, I repurchase it?- YES!!!!

3.Avon Senses Citrus Zing Shower Gel

About the product :

  • Zingy grapefruit-scented conditioning wash.
  • Leaves skin feeling shower-fresh and moisturized.
  • Refreshing and uplifting.
  • 250ml

My Thoughts: On the bottle, it says ‘Awakening” and I can say it really helped me to feel more awake after using it (I guess it’s because of the natural oils in this shower gel ).I really liked it!

Will, I repurchase it?- on discount Yes

4.Himalaya “Fresh Start Oil Clear Strawberry “Face Wash

About the product :

  • Strawberry is known to possess skin-conditioning properties, strawberry helps enhance the appearance of facial skin and restore suppleness
  • Fresh start oil clear strawberry face wash is specially formulated with the scintillating goodness of strawberry
  • It gives you oil-free freshness throughout the day and makes your face soft, healthy and fresh

My Thoughts: I have a review on this product  (you can read it here ) and I can say, still feel the same about this product -good for body, bad for the face!

Will, I repurchase it?- Maybe

5.SHINETREE Wash off Pore Tightening Mud Mask

About the product: A pore-tightening mud mask that detoxifies skin
Helps draw out dirt, sebum, and debris from deep within pores with bentonite clay; works to regulate oil production with epilobium fleischeri extracts; minimizes acne flare-ups and breakouts; smoothens and polishes skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
PERFECT FOR: A shine-free complexion

My Thoughts: Very interesting product, I liked the packaging(travel-friendly). The product did work okay, nothing special. Very basic mud mask!

Will, I repurchase it?- Maybe on the discount 

6.The Ordinary Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%

About the product : Found in grains, Azelaic Acid is produced naturally by yeast that lives on normal skin. It brightens the skin tone while visibly improving the evenness of skin texture and reducing the look of blemishes. It is a multi-functional support ingredient for all skin types and also acts as an effective antioxidant. This formula offers a very high 10% concentration of high-purity Azelaic Acid in a lightweight cream-gel system.

My Thoughts: I liked it! More then I thought I would, my skin texture got better, and my acne wasn’t as bad.There is no oil in this formula and that’s amazing (Oily skin problems) It was just around 7 euros.

Will, I repurchase it?- On discount Yes 

7.Himalaya Purifying Neem Mask

About the product: A purifying mask that helps to regulate excess oil secretion, cleans clogged pores and prevents the recurrence of pimples. Neem, well-known for its purifying and antibacterial properties, helps in controlling acne and pimples, and their recurrence. Combines with Turmeric, it helps remove acne-causing bacteria. Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti) cools and soothes the skin, improving skin texture and leaving you with clear, problem-free skin. Key Ingredients: Fuller’s Earth, Neem, Turmeric. Directions for use: Apply evenly over cleansed face and neck, avoiding the area around the eyes. Allow to dry for 10-15 minutes. Removes with a wet sponge and wash with cool water. Use once or twice a week. Do not apply on broken or inflamed skin. Pack size: 150 ml

My Thoughts: Thi is one of my favorite face masks ever! It’s affordable, helps with acne, discoloration. The only downside is when you put it on,it’s burns a little.

Will, I repurchase it?- YES!!!

8.Belkosmex TEEBAUM face cream with tea tree oil 

About the product: Has immediate anti-inflammatory effect, including for the teenager skin, intensifies the processes of restoration of inflamed areas of the skin, protects the skin against microbial flora. Tea tree oil together with allantoin regulates and normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands, prevents the appearance of acne, cleans and tightens the widened pores, while naturally assimilated provitamin B5 has a soft moisturizing effect. It is unmatched care for the problem and teenager skin.

My Thoughts: Affordable face cream.Really great for teens (in my opinion),helps with oily skin,but it’s not good if you have severe acne.

Will, I repurchase it?- Maybe

9.Oriflame Love Nature Clay Mask Burdock

About the product: Love Nature Clay Mask Burdock is a cleansing, re-balancing clay mask sachet with burdock to clarify the skin. Moisturizing burdock extract is rich in plant tannins that cleanse and purify the skin. Suitable for oily skin. Dermatologically tested.

My Thoughts: I was really suprised that an oriflame product worked for me(I’m allergic to the Oriflame soap).It’s such a great face mask, affordable, travel-friendly,doesn’t have a scent. I liked it!

Will, I repurchase it?-Yes!

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Tell me in the comments, What’s the last beauty product you tried?

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July Favorites(2019 edition)

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

Hello, My Darlings! How are you all doing? How’s the summer treating you? It’s again unbearably hot in Latvia, and the only thing I can do is sleep (Fun, I know). This July was interesting for me, we had a few celebrations (Mom’s birthday, Mine and My brother’s Name day’s) so did eat a lot of cake. But overall I just chilled, relaxed, before the busy August . And Congratulate me! I had a good blog post scheduling the whole month(2 posts a week). Very proud of that! Let’s dive into the July Favorites (Finally).






Himalaya “Fresh Start Oil Clear Strawberry “Face Wash

I made a review about this product you can read it – here

For the face, wasn’t my favorite, but on my body acne, it made wonders. And it’s affordable.



This is amazing!I’m so in love with this conditioner, My hair feels so smooth and healthy. Definitely, recommend!





I watched the first 4 episodes and I’m in love.tvN does make amazing paranormal dramas.


Hotel del Luna

giphy (6)

The Hotel Del Luna, located in Seoul, is not like any other hotel: its clients are all ghosts. Jang Man-Wol, stuck in the hotel for the past millennium, meets Goo Chan-Seong, the new manager.




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My July Avon Haul!

Hello, My Darlings! How are you all doing? If you are new here Hello, My name is Anna! It’s so nice to have you here!

Today I want to talk about some goodies I got from Avon. I made an order not planed at all, So why did I do that? I want to change my foundation for something in a glass bottle. And one of the best foundations I have ever used was Avon, sadly they don’t make it anymore. That’s why I’m on the hunt for a new one in a glass bottle(want to cut down the plastic waste I make). So I got a foundation, some things for Mom and a few extra stuff. Let’s dive into it!



Planet Spa Sleep Serenity Pillow Mist 
I paid– 3.49 euro
About the product: Aromatherapy comforting pillow mist to help calm, soothe and relax for a restful sleep. 100ml
My Thoughts: This is the one thing I wanted to try for years and finally I did. First of all, a little goes a long way. You just need one spritz on your pillow, because too much can give you a headache. I like it, would I repurchase it? Maybe. But I will definitely reuse the bottle after finishing this one.
Advance Techniques Colour Protection Conditioner
I paid– 1.49 euro
About the product: Nourishing conditioner keeps your color looking rich, vibrant and shiny*. Leaves hair feeling intensely moisturized. 250ml.
My Thoughts: I really really like it! If you don’t know I dye my hair in a purple (eggplant ) color. So I’m always thinking about it when choosing hair products . And this looked like something I would enjoy. And I was right. My hair feels so soft and it doesn’t strip the color. Will see how my hair feels and looks after a few weeks of using.
Incandessence Eau de Parfum
I paid– 1.99 euro
About the product: Avon Incandescence was created on the border between classic and modern, that why you will be electrifying and inspire everyone whom you meet. Avon Incandessence is intricately intertwined with notes of exotic orchids, wild tulip, white peonies, and rare trees. Captivates with its originality and power. It uses a special design of the fragrance, which opens with the passage of time. The fragrance is changing and flourishes with you. Each phase of its flowery fragrance culminates in a different time frame because otherwise, you smell in the morning and evening.
My Thoughts: I got it to keep in my bag, for the price it’s good roller type mini perfume. Very similar to my Salvador Dali perfume.
True Nutra Effects Hydrate and Protect Facial Mist
I paid– 3.99 euro
About the product:Hydrate and protect your skin, in an instant and on the go. This is the facial mist of dreams. Formulated with antioxidants it helps to combat the environmental factors that can dull and damage your skin every day. REFRESH skin with a dose of antioxidants. PROTECT it against pollution by creating an invisible barrier. REVIVE make-up for that fresh-faced, just-applied look. Clinically tested Suitable for sensitive skin 100ml

How to use me: Hold 8-10 inches from face and mist over. Can be used under or over your make-up.

My Thoughts: I got it for my Mom and she loves it! She has dry skin and in those hot days, this mist is a lifesaver. Would definitely recommend if you have dry/normal skin.
Naturals Magnolia Scented Spritz
I paid– 1.99 euro
About the product:

  • Sweet-scented spritz to leave skin feeling cool and refreshed. Can also be used as a room and linen spritz. Contains magnolia flower extract, vitamin E and vitamin C.
  • 100ml.
My Thoughts: This one I got for Mom too, it’s a nice, fresh body spray. Perfect if you don’t want to wear perfume all the time . This one has a beautiful scent of Magnolias. Very happy with it.
Planet Spa Heavenly Hydration Eye Gel Mask
I paid– 1.49 euro
About the product: Soothing & cooling eye gel. Help reduce puffy eyes with our deeply moisturizing, leave-on mask. 15ml
My Thoughts: Because my skin is oily, most eye creams don’t work for me (I get breakouts). So finding something not oil-based is harder then you think. And this is not oil-based! I have tried it once right now, will give you a full review in a few weeks.
Avon Care Men After Shave Balm
I paid- 2.99 euro
About the product: Gentle, soothing, aloe, ginger and vitamin E-infused formula leaves skin feeling refreshed and hydrated

My Thoughts: I got it for my brother. It has a nice scent, He hasn’t used it yet.

Tell me in the comment, What’s your favorite affordable foundation? 

That’s it from me 

Till next time 


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May Favorites!

Photo by Alina Sofia on Unsplash


Hello, my darlings! Have You missed me? It’s Officially Summer and the time for last exams and graduations(my friend Alina is graduating this month and I’m very excited for her). In Latvia, this May was very hot, like I got a sunburn type of thing hot. This month was not as busy as I would like it, but because of heat and burning sun I couldn’t go and do as much as I wanted to…But it’s June now so Let’s start with my May favorites!

Beauty Favorites!

avon sun spray

Avon Sun+ After Sun Spraybad

SO…I got a pretty bad sunburn on my back,and guys…it was bad, like I couln’t sleep kind of bad. And this spray helped a lot,I could sleep finaly without discomfort. Would definetly recommend this summer to have on hand some after sun spray or gel,it helps so much!

nail polish

rival de loop Matt nail polish

Isn’t this color lovely? Now it’s on my nails and looks very beautiful .It isn’t the most long lasting nail polish ever ,but I do enjoy the finish and color !

Favorite SONG



Nam Da-jung is an innocent college student who passes a hidden camera audition and is invited to join the reality show Liar Game, a psychological survival game wherein participants trick each other and the one who ultimately succeeds wins the prize money of ₩10 billion (US$9.3 million). Tempted by the chance to pay off her debts, Da-jung joins the game and gets conned out of the initial money given to her. In desperation, she asks genius ex-con swindler and former psychology professor Ha Woo-jin to help her win the game.

Tell me in the comments, How was this May for you?

That’s it from me

Till next time

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