IT’S MY BIRTHDAY WEEK!Birthday Make-up haul(part 1)

Hello, My Darlings! How are you doing? Hope this week started great for you. I’m so excited, this is my birthday week and of course, I got myself some new makeup. I can’t believe I will be 25 years old this Friday…Like it’s actually crazy!

Today I wanted to talk about the stuff I got, there will be 2(or maybe even 3) parts to this, so get ready to see what I got!



1.Hand cream “Barkhatnyye ruchki”

I got this one as a little surprise from my dear friend Alina(she always gets me little gifts, how did I deserve such an amazing friend I will never know). I have already used this cream for 2 weeks now and can say it’s pretty decent. Doesn’t make my skin feel all greasy, and that’s a BIG plus. Overall would recommend

About the product :Hand cream with Shee butter and Hyaluron and vitamin B5.The high-quality cream “Barkhatnie Ruchki” won the recognition and love of millions of women! It provides complete effective care for the skin, improves skin condition, takes care, and makes the skin of your hands soft as velvet!

2. Maybelline Fit Me matt + porelles foundation for Normal to Oily skin(110 Porcelain)

I have tried this one before,and if I remember correctly I liked it. Right now, by swatching it I can say it’s not as full coverage as I like. It’s more a natural/medium coverage foundation so I don’t know how I feel about it. The color was a pretty okay color match, would love it to be a little bit lighter but we can’t have it all(yes yes I know, I’m white as a Ghost).

About the product : Fit Me® Matte + Poreless Foundation face makeup. This lightweight foundation mattifies and refines pores and leaves a natural, seamless finish.

3.The RIVAL loves me Primer Matt & Poreless

It has cute packaging,it’s vegan and super affordable(around 3 euros). So of course I got it!Haven’t tried it yet but by swatching it on my skin I can say I really like the texture. It’s not silicony or sticky.

About the product : The RIVAL loves me Primer Matt & Poreless has a matt effect, has a pore-refining effect, and prepares the skin optimally for the subsequent make-up. Skin compatibility dermatologically confirmed. Use: Apply to the face every morning after cleansing and massage in gently. Now the skin is ready for the makeup!

4. essence eyebrow designer(02 brown)

It’s like…my 5th pencil already!I WOULD DIE FOR THIS PENCIL!!!!It’s amazing,truly. One of my holy grail products I love and will always buy. It stays on the whole day,is not waxy and it’s easily to draw with . And of course it’s affordable,and that’s always a plus.

About the product :who says you can’t have it all? tame, define & shape your brows with an eyebrow pencil and brush all in one! a smooth pencil to define, outline, and fill in brows. blend seamlessly and comb with attached brush.

5.Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder

Another one of my all time favorite products! Yes,it can look ashy ..but my skin is like…white so It’s perfect for me.

About the product: If you prefer pressed powder, this fine, compact powder is for you! It can be applied above foundation to mattify your skin and set your make-up. For a matt, natural and smooth complexion. It’s perfect when you’re out and about with your girls!

6.essence smoothie gloss(01 crazy mango)

I got it as a gift for purchase,and I’m obsessed! It’s not sticky ,has a nice light scent(and it’s yummy,I tried it…You are welcome!)

About the product : as trendy as fruit smoothies: the lipglosses in the five fragrances mango, peach, strawberry, raspberry and blackberry – all with medium coverage. the cute lipglosses give you the feeling that you have the aromatic fruits right on your lips! each gloss has the colour of the fruit on its packaging


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Tell me in the comments, Have you tried any of those products?

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Syoss Keratin Hair Perfection Shampoo – review

About the product :

Syoss Keratin Shampoo refills the hair structure for a salon-smooth hair feeling with every wash.

  • SYOSS KERATIN SHAMPOO: Refills the hair structure with essential keratin for a salon-smooth feeling with every wash
  • 100% STRUCTURE REPAIR: The professional performance formula with Keratin reinforces the hair structure and repairs existing hair damages
  • FIGHTS HAIR BREAKAGE: Helps to resist hair breakage caused by brushing and styling thanks to the strengthening formula with hair identical Keratin
  • RESTORES THE HAIR FIBER: For stronger, shinier, healthier and salon-smooth hair feeling with every wash


My Thoughts :



It’s really bulky, so usually, I just put it in a smaller container for everyday use.

Quality and Scent

This is our 3 bottle of this shampoo, my mom loves it so we always have it in our house. It has a very nice caramel scent ,it’s not overbearing on your hair but you can definitely smell it across the room when someone is having a shower. How I already said my mom loves it , it makes her hair shiny and easy to brush… I, on the other hand, it always makes my hair frizzy. Like REALLY frizzy. Yes it feels healthy and my scalp feels nice…but my hair looks crazy ,don’t know how or why, but that’s how it is for me.


A good family type of shampoo for an affordable price.


  • Great scent
  • Lots of product in the bottle
  • Great for the whole family
  • Affordable
  • Not travel friendly
  • Makes my hair frizzy



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Nivea Colour Protect mild Shampoo- Review

About the Product:

Nivea Colour Protection Mild Shampoo (250 ml), Gentle Nourishing Shampoo with color care complex hair shampoo for healthy, colored hair

  • Colour protection – The mild Nivea Colour Protection Shampoo nourishes colored hair particularly intensively and protects the hair color for longer color shine.
  • Colour care complex – with every use, the nourishing Nivea shampoo with its color care complex makes dyed hair noticeably supple.
  • pH balance: thanks to its pH-optimised formula, the shampoo is particularly mild on hair and scalp and harmonizes with your natural pH value.
  • Gentle cleansing: the shampoo gently cleanses the scalp. At the same time, it strengthens the hair structure and intensively nourishes for naturally beautiful hair

My Thoughts 



Nothing fancy about it, just a simple shampoo bottle. It’s really easy to use, so no complaints there! 


Mmmkay, the name says it all, it’s a very mild shampoo. Yes, your hair color will not fade, and yes you will clean your hair…but it’s not a great shampoo if you have very oily skin and need a little bit more to clean your scalp. I think it’s more for people with sensitive scalp and colored hair. Overall a decent shampoo for the money.




  •  Hair color doesn’t fade
  • Makes your hair feel nice and silky
  • Affordable(at least in Latvia)
  • Has a very light scent, not overbearing


  • Not a lot of product in the packaging




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Tell me in the comments,What’s your favorite beauty product at this moment?

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Oriflame LOVE NATURE Purifying Face Oil with Organic Tea Tree & Lime- First Impression


ExternalImageInfused with lush organic antibacterial Tea Tree essential oil and super ingredient Lime, together with salicylic acid, Love Nature Tea Tree & Lime Purifying Oil targets blemishes by helping to purify and soothe the affected area while working to tone and tighten pores.

Fresh on application, with a wonderfully light after-feel and an uplifting floral-citrus scent, the formulation is also paraben-free and dermatologically tested


My Thoughts 


I love products from this range, the Scrub/Mask, and the face wash is phenomenal so I was so excited when my friend Alina gave this one as an early Name day gift. I have tried this just two times now, so of course, my thoughts can change with time and use, but right now I have very mixed feelingsI tried to put on my pimples(like you are supposed to)  and guys…it made everything worse, my face HATED it, but putting one/two drops in my moisturizer before applying, my face liked it more. So will see how my face like it, after a month will do a deep review of this oil.


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Oriflame HAIRX Advanced Care Frizz Control Smoothening Shampoo and Conditioner – First impression( I’M IN LOVE)


Oriflame HAIRX Advanced Care Frizz Control Smoothening Shampoo

Cleansing shampoo specially formulated to help smooth curls and frizzy, hard-to-manage hair. Contains Phytonutrients Complex and Satin Shield Technology, to help leave hair feeling softer and silkier. For best results use with other products in the Frizz Control range.

 Oriflame HAIRX Advanced Care Frizz Control Smoothening Conditioner

Rich, creamy conditioner that helps tame flyaways and control curly, frizzy, hard-to-manage hair. Contains Phytonutrients Complex and Satin Shield Technology, to help leave hair feeling softer, shinier and silkier. Use with other products in the Frizz Control range.


My Thoughts

So I have tried this duo just once, but I already love it! First of all the scent is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ,it’s sweet so if that’s an issue for you better skip this one. Second of all My hair quality…my hair is so smooth! Like extra smooth, it feels nice and looks nice. About the frizz, it did get better .My hair doesn’t look super frizzy and that’s already a plus. Overall I’m very happy with this product, will definitely do a review after a month of use.

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Tell me in the comments, What’s your favorite Shampoo?

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Beauty Glazed “Uranus” palette review


These shadows are extremely soft 9 colors beautiful glitter colors that will go with any skin tone and brighten up any look.

  • Tonal and inspiration from the catwalk, gorgeous high saturated color eye makeup change color
  • Exquisite opaque,paste, smooth easy away,easily highlight stereo eye level,at the beginning of lasting shine like makeup

My review of the Lemon palette by Beauty Glaze

Beauty Glazed Official Aliexpress store


It’s nice, sturdy, sleek and really pretty! It has a magnetic closure and that’s amazing. It’s cardboard box,very generic in that sense

eyeshadow for blog

Texture and Quality

The matt shades are decent, but the shimmery ones are the bomb! This palette has the same problem the “Lemon” one has, the shimmery shades don’t work well with synthetic brushes, use your fingers for the best color payoff. I don’t use an eyeshadow primer, and those shadows stay on for 10 h straight,but…the downside the blue shades do stain.

eyeshadow eyes for blog


There are 3 matt shades and 6 shimmery ones! Here are swatches without a primer and put on with a finger.




  • Great quality
  • Easy to blend
  • Cheap
  • Travel-friendly
  • No scent


  • A little bit powdery
  • Can’t get it in the drugstore



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Tell me in the comments, What’s your favorite eyeshadow palette at the moment?

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Jade Roller from Aliexpress: Is it any good?!-Review

About The Product

Description :

Material: Natural Jade
Color: Green
Size: Beauty bar 14.5*5.5*2.2cm, scraping board 7*4.5*0.3cm
Weight: 108G


100% Brand New and High Quality !
The Jade Roller is used to promote blood circulation and metabolism of skin surface, and promote skin elasticity.
Material: Natural jade.
Perfect For Using On Your Face And Body.
Good To Relax Your Muscle And Feel More Tight,Body Slimming.


Please note that as this is natural Jade all rollers will be slightly different in colour.

My thoughts


5/5 stars


I’m impressed! The Jade Roller is all made from “jade”(the roller part and the handle),I don’t know if that’s real Jade but feels really sturdy. It’s a pretty heavy product and that’s amazing. The “spiky” part is much more gentle on the skin than I anticipated and the “smooth” part is really nice on the skin. I like the “gold” details

jade roller

Does it work?

For me personally?No! But for my Mom?! She loved it!I tried it for a week ,every morning and I will be honest…it was painful. It felt like I was massaging my bones not skin. My Mom on the other hand loves it! She said it felt very relaxing and helped with under-eye bags. So it’s not for everyone.

Would I recommend?

It’s pretty cheap ,so why not ? Yes,it’s not for everyone ,but it’s still an interesting product to try.

You can find this Jade Roller here



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Tell me in the comments, Have you tried a Jade Roller?

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Beauty Products I loved, Hated and Just didn’t care about (2020 edition)

Hello, My Darlings! How are you all doing? I’m back for good. I’m sorry I was away for some time, I needed time to process everything that is happening in the world and how it will affect me in a financial sense. If you don’t know I work in the tourism industry(as an Art director for big festivals) so,yeah. But let’s not talk about the bad stuff. Today I want to talk about some beauty products I haven’t talked about before and tell you my thoughts. Let’s dive into it!


for blog 1

1.Avon Cherish Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant For Her

This smells amazing! Like truly nice and expensive perfume, perfect for spring. Didn’t expect it to be that good. Definitely, will buy more.

Would I Repurchase it ? – YES!!!!I need more.

Was It affordable? – Yes

About the Product : Floral and fruity scented anti-perspirant deodorant. Glides on smoothly and provides 24-hour deodorant protection. 50ml

2. Oriflame Love Nature Face scrub – Cucumber

This is just mehhhh. I got it as a gift(for Christmas) from my dear friends Alina,and I did leave it unopen for traveling…but with the situation in the world,I’m not going anywhere for the foreseeable future so I opened it up . What can I say,it’s not the best thing for my oily skin but did does do the job. Leaves your face feeling refreshing.

Would I Repurchase it ? – Maybe

Was It affordable? – Yes

About the Product : Gel Based, For All Skin Types
Applied For: Refreshing

3.Essence’s You Better Work! Fixing Spray

Love,Love Love!This really works,like it does do what it claimed. Your makeup will not budge and that’s amazing.

Would I Repurchase it ? – Yes

Was It affordable? – Yes,it was around 3.99 euro

About the Product : The formula of Essence’s You Better Work! Fixing Spray has been specially developed to set your make-up in place during sweaty physical activities. It ensures a matte effect and instantly provides a fresh sensation on your face


4. Rimmel London Extra Long Lash mascara

I have already talked bout this one,and well…my thoughts didn’t change. I don’t like it,this mascara smudges a lot. even the lightest rain will make you look like panda. And the extra long lashes?!Dind’t see it at all.

Would I Repurchase it ? – No

Was It affordable? – Yes,it was around 2 euro

About the Product : If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to enjoy lusciously long lashes, here it is. Rimmel London’s Extra Long Lash mascara will make your lashes look up to 50% longer and super defined.

With its deep black colour, patented lengthening and clump-free formula, you can build it up layer by layer to the smooth length and high-definition effect you’ve been dreaming of.

– Patented lengthening formula

– Lightweight, clump-free definition

– All-day wear with no flaking

– High-definition, dense brush

– Suitable for sensitive eyes


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L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Purity Face Mask – review

If you are new here Hello My name is Anna and I have Oily and Acne-prone skin, so all my opinions are based on my skin and it’s needs.

About the product :

loreal for blogFor the first time, the L’Oréal Paris laboratories have selected three pure clays and combined them with eucalyptus extract, known for its purifying properties. The creamy texture works deep into the pores, leaving skin purified and matte-looking, without drying it out.


A powerful blend of 3 pure clays

Kaolin – A highly effective natural clay, known to absorb impurities and excess sebum.
Montmorillonite – Rich in minerals, a clay recognized for helping to eliminate imperfections.
Ghassoul – A pure clay highly concentrated in minerals renowned to help clarify the complexion.

Ingredients: Aqua / Water, Kaolin, Montmorillonite, Silica, Lecithin,
 Polysorbate 20, Butylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol,
 Oryza Sativa Starch / Rice Starch, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Extract, 
Glycerin, Moroccan Lava Clay, Caprylyl Glycol, Citric Acid, Xanthan Gum, 
Methylparaben, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Methylparaben, Phenoxyethanol, 
Chlorphenesin, CI 61570 / Green 5, CI 77492 / Iron Oxides, Linalool,
 Geraniol, Coumarin, Citronellol, Parfum / Fragrance



To be totally honest I didn’t buy it myself but got it from one of my friends who got it but didn’t like it after the first use(and in Latvia, you can’t exchange cosmetic products or get money back). So because she knows I have an oily skin type and like clay masks, she gave it to me. I have already tried some masks from this range(you can read about it here).

loreal for blog 1-horz

So about the actual mask. It’s very drying like overly drying and tightening, I actually love those kinds of masks because of my oily skin…but even for me at this time of the year when my skin is a little bit dryer this was too much. If you have dry patches or have a dry skin type this is definitely not for you. This mask did help with acne, my face got more cleaner and it was longer matt, but it’s more like once a week face mask not every other day one! But the main thing I didn’t like is, there isn’t a lot of product in it. Like the packaging is pretty heavy, the product in it…there isn’t much of it inside. And it does dry out pretty quickly after opening the jar, so keep that in mind if you get it.


I would recommend for anyone who has oily skin and acne-prone skin.

4 stars


  • glass jar(we are here for the packaging)
  • helps with imperfections
  • My oily skin liked it


  • not cheap
  • not travel-friendly
  • not an everyday type of mask


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I got some new Stuff- Avon “Skin and Body care” Haul

Hello, My Darlings! And Hey if you are new here, it’s so nice to see you! Today I want to talk about some goodies I got from Avon. I didn’t really plan to get anything this month, but me being sick for 2 weeks and the catalog just sitting on the table…well I made an order(yes, I have no self-control when it comes to pretty cosmetic bottles). So I paid for all of those goodies around 20 euros, cheaper than our drugstores (We Love Saving Money) . Let’s dive into the Haul!


avon for blog

Naturals skincare Hydrating “Aloe & Cotton” face cream and Naturals skincare Hydrating “Aloe & Cotton” face mask

Why I got it – I got those both for my mom. She has dry skin and this sounded like something she would enjoy. The face cream and mask has a very nice light aloe scent(you know, THAT scent). Isn’t greasy.


avon for blog 7

Naturals hair care Full Volume Shampoo (raspberry & hibiscus)

Why I got it – This is a HUGE bottle(and I love it)! The price was decent (3,88 euro for 700 ml bottle) so I decided to get it. I already tried it, and I can say I like it. It does give you volume, but not over the top one. Now I want to try more of those shampoos.

avon for blog 2

Simply delicate Calming fragrance-free Feminine wash 

Why I got it – I needed one, and this was at a very good discount(originally around 3 euros, I got it for 1.40 euro). I liked it,does the job . Overall a good product!

avon for blog 1

Senses Infusions Collection zen Mandarin & Jasmin shower gel and

Senses 2-in-1 for men Energising amber & cedarwood hair and body wash 

Why I got it –  This was a set deal (2 for 2.99 euro). You can never have too many shower gels in my opinion. Both of them has an amazing scent, and the quality of the actual product is great(I really love Avon’s shower gel formula)


avon for blog 5

Naturals Body care black Cherry & Nutmeg shower gel

Why I got it -Another Shower gel! I got this as a gift for buying over 19 euros on Avon’s online store. Can say I will definitely get another one after using this one up.


avon for blog 6

French Lilac BubbleBath

Why I got it – This smells like unicorns, rainbows and my childhood. We had 2 big french lilac bushes around my house when I was growing up and the smell always made excited for spring. I will definitely buy some more.


avon for blog 4

Cherish Roll-on deodorant

Why I got it – My deodorant was running out, and I needed a new one. I decided to get this one because I have never tried Avon’s perfumed deodorants and the price was good(around 2 euros). And I can say…the scent is phenomenal! It’s so fresh, but very feminine at the same time. LOve LOve love it!


avon for blog 3

Nourishing with cocoa butter Hand cream for dry to extra dry skin

Why I got it – This I got as a gift for my best friends(Alina and Agness). We have this tradition , we get each other little gifts for the international women’s day and those looked so cute. So I got them those hand creams. I really hope they will love.


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