*I’m doing Blogtober 2021*

Hello October…or should I say Blogtober(see what I did here). I’m sorry I was missing for some time (see the day for more info and some fun news), but I’m back and doing Blogtober. So what is Blogtober? It’s a blogging event in October where you post everyday content. That means you get LOTS of fun content from me(and some free printables, so definitely follow if you haven’t already). Can’t wait and thank you for taking this journey with me and see you tomorrow!


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I’m Doing Blogtober this year!-Blogtober day 1


Blogtober is a challenge where bloggers publish a post every day in October. That’s 31 posts in 31 days.

Why am I doing Blogtober this year?

Sadly I can’t do Blogmas this year, because my December will be crazy. Lot’s of work and travel plans, that’s why I decided to do Blogtober. It’s the same idea as Blogmas, but in October and I loved doing Blogmas so why not to do Blogtober!

What can you expect from me this October?

Lot’s of content related to October, Fall and Spooky stuff. I really hope to do the whole 31 days, but let’s hope life will not get into the way.

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