September Favorites(2021 edition)-Blogtober day 10

Hello, My Darlings! How are you? It’s Blogtober day 10 and we are talking favorites(beauty, books, and Music), September favorites to be exact. Last month was full of trips, memories, and my birthday(post about it you can read here). My favorites are all over the place, let’s dive into it!


Micellar Shampoo 5 Herbs Power Chistaya Liniya - Чистая линия Мягкий Мицеллярный Шампунь Экспертный уход  5в1, 250 мл

Super affordable shampoo that works. For 400 ml I paid 2.34 euro. And this smells amazing! Like sooo good, and my hair looks amazing after using it.Gentle shampoo(like super gentle), my hair color doesn’t fade after using and that’s always good. Would definitely recommend it.


The Girls by Emma Cline

Most memorable book I read in September. And the cover looks very spooky.

My review you can read here



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Tell me in the comments, What are your favorites right now?

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“10 Beauty Questions” -Blogtober day 10

Photo by Raphael Lovaski on Unsplash

Hello, My Darlings! How are you all doing? It’s the Blogtober day 10, we are already  1/3 in this Blogtober journey. I really hope you are enjoying this as much as I am(because I’m enjoying it a lot). If you want to see something specific from me this month, leave it down below! Today I want to talk about beauty, and you all know how I love tags, so that’s what we are doing. Let’s dive into it!


  • Do you remember what your first makeup item was?

Something from Mary Kay, my mom was a beauty consultant with them, that’s one of the reasons I fell in love with makeup and had the opportunity from a young age to experiment with good quality makeup.

giphy (5)

  • Can you describe your perfect mascara? (Have you found one that is perfect?)

My perfect mascara is one that can make my non-existing short eyelashes full and very visible. Have I found the perfect one? Not yet, but I do like right now the Luxe Avon mascara.

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  • What kind of coverage do you prefer from your foundations?

Full coverage! I love looking flawless.

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  • What cosmetic brands have you always wanted to try but still haven’t?

Jeffree Star cosmetics, we finally have this brand in-stores and I hope to get something as a Christmas gift.


  • Do you like trying new skincare products or do you keep a certain routine?

I love trying new products, but some things I always have in my skincare routine like the BelKosmex Teebaum acne treatment.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

  • Do you use makeup base/primer for the eyes?

I don’t, feel like foundation or concealer on eyes as a primer/base works totally fine.

giphy (7)

  • What do you apply first, concealer or foundation?

First, go foundation and the concealer. I think it makes more sense.

giphy (8)

  • Have you ever considered taking makeup classes?

I have but haven’t found the right fit for me.

giphy (9)

  • What brand do you think has the best packaging?

Any Korean brand, they’re packeging is so creative and fun.


  • Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?

Sometimes, If it’s a new technique and I don’t know what I’m doing it can get messy.


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Tell me in the comments, What brand do you think has the best packaging?

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