Accessories, Stickers and Kpop merch(mini Aliexpress haul)

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Hello, My Darlings! How are you all doing? If you didn’t know I love Aliexpress, and finally some of my orders came in(my last Aliexpress haul you can read here). And…I got a lot of great stuff, everything was under 5 euros .So very affordable. Let’s dive into it!


 pearl Barrettes /Hair Clip

Price – 1.66 euro($2,01)

Shipping to Latvia(EU)– 2 weeks, really fast!

Aren’t those beautiful?! I love fake pearls and when I saw those…I knew I need them in my life. Those are really well made, great quality, perfect for summer! And those hair clips came REALLY fast. Definitely will get some more.


Silver Color A-Z 26 Letters Initial  Rings

Price – 0.55 euro($0.64)

Shipping to Latvia(EU)– around a month

I have seen here and there those initial rings, and when I saw something similar on Aliexpress…I WAS SOOO HAPPY! And the price …UNDER 1 EURO! So of course I got myself one. I’m very glad I got it. The quality is good for the price, the shipping was okay.

 Sabrina Stickers 10 pcs

Price – 0.81 euro($0.94 )

Shipping to Latvia(EU) -around a month 

My newest obsession is Sabrina. Have you seen it? If not, you need to watch it. So I got some Sabrina stickers. You can’t decide what kind of stickers you get , but for the price that’s okay. Quality is AMAZING! Matt finish, pretty thick stickers. And I got the sticker I wanted(the Not Today, Satan).

15 Pcs  kpop Bigbang stickers 

Price – 1.78euro($2,16)

Shipping to Latvia(EU)-almost 2 months

If you didn’t know I’m a big BIGBANG fan. And this is my first “official” BIGBANG merch and I’m delighted I got it. The quality is almost the same as the Sabrina stickers, so it’s good. The shipping was slow…sadly. My only complaint is that I got 14 stickers and not 15…


Kpop Super Junior Poster

Price – 1.51 euro($1,83)

Shipping to Latvia(EU)-almost 2 months (around 35 days)

Another legendary Kpop group I love…and FINALLY, I own a good quality poster. Super excited about it(hehe, see what I did there?!). So I got A4 (30cmX21cm), it came with special stickers for the wall but I decided to put it in a frame. Overall would totally recommend this store and of course this poster.



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October Favorites!(The 2018 edition)

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Me when looking at the calendar!

Hello, my darlings! How are you all doing? Can you believe it’s already almost the end of 2018?! I’m a little bit shocked…How was your October? I worked,  was in Sweden and had a Sabrina marathon on the Halloween night …Basically, I had a great (but very draining) October. Let’s jump right into it!



Beauty Favorites


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Like last month this is still my favorite! I already got two more of those. So you can say I’m obsessed!

 Favorite Tea


Earl Grey  by ApsarA

Black flavoured tea „Earl Grey”
Ingredients: blend of black teas from Ceylon and China with flavour of bergamot.
Color: Golden amber-brown.
Taste: smooth, with a delicate hint of bergamot.


Favorite Tv show

This was so good! Much darker then I anticipated (lots of blood ). Disclaimer -I have never seen Riverdale, so I can’t comment on any “easter eggs” or how much it’s like (or isn’t like) Riverdale. But overall I loved it !


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

As her 16th birthday nears, Sabrina must choose between the witch world of her family and the human world of her friends. Based on the Archie comic.

Favorite Song


Tell me in the comments, What did you enjoy this October? Do you have any new favorites?

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